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20 Oct ’15

Supporting Affiliate Game – Badger Rush

Something completely different this week. Recently my partner at Red Flava helped create a simple free mobile phone game, Badger Rush! I’m hoping everyone here can show some support for it by downloading and spreading the word about it to help it off the ground.

Go to Badger Rush Google Play to download for free now!

It’s a simple fun game, aimed at children with its cute animal characters, but challenging for adults too! You can download it on Google Play right now, and Apple App Store in the next week.

I’m not very good with games, and so I could only get Rank 7, what rank can you get up to?

In a way the game is acting as our affiliate. Unfortunately it’s not related to Asian models, but its success means Flava can continue to work on apps; and he’s also planning to help me make a Red Flava App that allows you to view and organise all your favourite models that we feature here! Together with the app, it should coincide its release with the new Red Flava theme, which has been delayed for literally ages now! It’s been difficult to get the new features working with all the old posts.

Thank you for your support! A few screenshots below!

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Written by: Nia

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Nia, Redflava Writer.

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  1. Flava

    Thanks for the support! Every little helps :-)

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