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16 Jun ’15

>>> Changes to Redflava Updates

Red Flava is changing its posting content/schedule because the current posts hardly help maintain the site, and increasing post frequency has made little difference. If you have any advice or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to tell us either in this post or via this contact form.

Based on their success we feel like our future posts should focus more around

  • Hot Picks posts
  • Model video posts
  • Posts on the models who are discussed and requested the most.

From current feedback, the most discussed and requested girls are the following:

If any readers have specific requests for content, by supporting the website through donations (you can donate through Paypal by going to About > Donations, or using the green button above on this page), we will endeavor to fulfill them, and hope we can make the site more enjoyable to visit through a better selection of interesting posts; since there is so much out there, it’s hard to stay on top of it.

The new re-design of the website is still on-going, and we’re still intending to have a lot more interesting features that should help boost the website. It’s just right now that the short term solution of making frequent posts to maintain interest isn’t an efficient use of time, more time will be spent on marketing and acquiring original content eventually. Since we have contact with some models and agencies, the ideal situation is to do our own interviews, photos, videos on the models that are popular here. It’s just a big undertaking and this site is maintained by 2-3 people almost as a hobby; turning it into a manageable business is challenging.

Ultimately the site is right now a hub of appreciation for Asian beauty. It’s a market where, because of language barriers for some viewers around the world, there are not many places that bring together all the high quality media people want to access. We’d like to expand the site and keep it going, that’s why we’re trying to think of a solution to update the site in a way that is more efficient.

Please continue to visit our site, be as active as possible and spread the word about Red Flava!

Again thank you for your visit and support! Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. A special thanks to all the people who donated to us and helped us with their advice.

– Flava, Nia

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Written by: Nia

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Nia, Redflava Writer.


  1. ddfffffff


  2. james

    Thats great….all the best
    But can you point out all the beauties in the collage and the one lying on the bike? Please

  3. AMaX

    Just one thing: try to name all models of the month.
    Otherwise, do not change anything, you’re the best!

  4. LeeC22

    I think we all appreciate that running the site takes a lot of time, so in that sense, any update is appreciated. From a user’s perspective, the site gets a lot of updates (it does to me anyway), so please don’t feel as though you must do more to keep us coming back.

    I think AMaX’s suggestion is a good one though, if there was a way of showing who the models are, it would mean that we could search the site for more pictures of that particular model.

    My only concern is that I can’t give back as much as I take from the site… I’d love to contribute more in donations, but I’m just not able to do so now. :-(

    • Flava

      We’ll try to label the model’s names more often, sometimes it’s hard because of where the picture is sourced.

  5. Anonymous

    Anna Konno please!!!!!

  6. Seta

    This is a great site and great effort from you guys to keep posting content. Amax suggestion is valid and i share the same sentiment. The models of the month are usually not in sequence. First 2 pics show model a then next 2 show model b then back to model a again.

    • Flava

      I think the models of the month is set to show best picture of the lot, then a picture of each of the chosen models, then go into each one as a long set. We can change it round if it’s confusing.

    • Anonymous

      hi seta
      if you read the content, you will notice that there are a few words saying ‘more pictures’, which explains the way the post is organized.

  7. Song Mare

    don’t forget …. Han Ga Eun ^_^

  8. Anonymous

    Hopefully Choi Seul Gi gets some more requests.

  9. danny

    since my preference are japanese girls, i think it would be nice to post some of scanned gravure magz

  10. Anonymous

    Huang Mi Ni.. Please Nia.

  11. bb

    First, posting models from ASEAN countries might b quite interestin. Sec, voting should b more frequent. Finally, solo on new models profiles with names as amex mentioned.

    • Flava

      We’d like to do more ASEAN models, but not sure where to source them from, hard to know/search when you don’t speak the languages involved.

  12. Anonymous

    plz post more korean models in future

  13. Ken

    Great job, please have Kim Hal Yul post please

  14. Adûnâi

    Thanks for all your work! This site is absolutely amazing! I would agree with the suggestion to name all the model like earlier in 2012 (I research your site back to those times, yes). Also, I would like to see more of Ma Lu Na and Chinese models in general. Somebody should have said this.

    • Flava

      A lot of the Chinese models come and go really fast, they might get popular and then become “inactive”, some of them turn to the acting world, others may “disappear” from the industry.

  15. Ari

    As someone else has already suggested, a kind of poll/voting system to rank models should be a good add to the site.

    Some models are more extensively covered here than others so it’s no surprise there’s more discussion about them.
    But what about models who have just one or two posts in this site? Maybe they’re going to become favorites but they have “low” numbers so far.

    But letting your visitors vote they favorite models (or just “like” them, Facebook style) could be a better way to collect data about their popularity and have immediate feedback/ranking.

    • :)

      Yes , I totally agree, i feel like they update more of the models that have the least fanbase while ones that we truly like get left behind.

    • Flava

      It sounds like a good idea to try some facebook posts as a popularity meter using likes. We could also use a polling plugin on a model directory that we are gonna setup.

  16. BusinessAnalyst

    make a good page on. “Patreon”! I’m sure there are enough users who like to look at good looking Asians to want to support monthly!

    • Flava

      I think that Patreon is more for artists and creators rather than our type of blogs, we’d probably get banned from it.

  17. AMaX

    If one day I have to go alone on an island with only one website I would take Red Flava!

  18. Anonymous

    someone pls donate and ask for kim ha yul

  19. damn!


  20. Anonymous

    The site needs a mobile app to spice things up

  21. :)

    Could you please update on the model Huang Mi Ni, i think she is really pretty. Btw im a girl and i like looking at these pic for inspiration for makeup and stuff cause these models are so beautiful :) plz update on huang mi ni cause she is cute and i thing she also got alot of comments

  22. Update on huang mi ni

  23. Anonymous

    Are you trying to say Anri Sugihara was the only ten year old in the world playing OnePiece videogame on gameboy color.

  24. Gory

    Ju DA HA Please. ……

  25. Anonymous

    SEO would be dropped

  26. Good suggestion

    I think you should move away from having your posts only ‘preview’ the content of the ‘download pack’. Provide a gallery view of all the pictures. I’m pretty sure the majority of people don’t want to download photos. Looking at pictures on the internet isn’t as obvious has having a folder full of pictures – I’m talking about peoples mothers, wives, girlfriends stumbling across such things.

    Also, if you’re trying to make some more money to cover running costs. Give people a gallery view of all the pics (as above) but, if you have HD pictures, make them available to members only via a download link.

    The absolute best site for Chinese women is; (not ‘.com’) – a simple site where the content speaks for itself. Unfortunately it’s blocked in China now. At least, I think it is… unless it’s gone for good.

    • josh

      do what I do, put it in a folder labeled 2002 tax return or something boring of the like. wife hasn’t found that folder in 5 years. I labeled min programming ebooks — wife hates computers. all though I agree that the full pack should be visible. I don’t download the packs mainy because I have to then go in and hand delete all the ones I don’t want.

    • Flava

      The thing is we got lots of requests from people saying they wanted a download pack because there were too many pictures in the post and they just wanted to sort through them on their computer, and it seemed like a good idea because it was less work to make a post then.

      The other thing is download packs are the only way to monetize properly at the moment without having a lot more visitors, if we had google ads (got banned on it for adult content), there’d be no problems at all.

      Xiuren is a good site, I feel like they post a lot of topless sets right now (including nude sets), and that’s why they got blocked in China, plus the questionable links that they have which don’t help.

      I think we’ve got some good ideas that we haven’t shared yet, to solve the problems you mentioned though, we just have to actually implement them.

  27. josh

    I think nia was referring how to better monetize the the site to cover the considerable costs of running such a site. the names for models of the month is obviously a HUGELY needed improvement, even if the name is given in its original language most of us can paste a name in google if we are wanting to fully ‘explore’. On to the monetization, I love this site and do not want to see it go to a subscription or ad-hocked pisshole. I think one thing you could do is make it so that anyone that donates 10+ dollars gets to give you the names of 3 models and assuming there is new / undiscovered photo shoots for that model, you pick one of those 3 models and do a pack feature on them. I donated a months costs back in September and while I did it mainly because of how fantastic this site is, I would have absolutely loved getting a pack feature on one of my favorite models.

    • josh

      and I know you said something to the effect earlier, I was just showing full hearted agreement. Also, the idea of working towards original content could very well be a game changer for the site, I don’t think many of the idols and their agencies (or their non-Japanese equivalent of the term) appreciate how big their fan base is outside of their own country. I think you guys have a huge selling point in that you could offer their side a potential market for advertising for instance a true region 1 dvd with English subtitles of all those gravure and idol dvds we’re watching in ultra-low def on youtube atm.

      • josh

        one last thing, consider ‘crowd sourcing’ your labor where possible. Some of us have our own very large collections of pictures that are suitable for the site (non-nude gravure style photos) and would happily share it to take some of the load of the site admins. I for instance have enough Hiroko Sato pictures ( a model that barely present on RF) to make 4-5 packs and features, and that’s being very conservative. A simple ftp connection for those that want to help as such could save you hundreds of hours scalping every dark corner of the internet for something new to post.

    • Flava

      I remember your donation, just tell me the model you want to request, and we’ll try and source it for a pack. We’ll probably never make the site subscription based, I think ads and promotion are the only way to make money, and I hate too many ads on a site, and the only other alternative is hosting porn for easy success, which I don’t think would be a good idea to go towards.

      The site costs aren’t that much right now, it’s more about time spent on the site to keep it updated to fulfill readers’ demand for more posts. Whenever we drop our post frequency, we lose like 5,000 unique daily visitors on average. So we never gained a gradual increase in popularity unless we were constantly spamming posts. I think there was one month where we made 277 posts, and were just burned out from doing it, as this is a side-project thing that we want to push to being our focus but you can’t focus on something that doesn’t make a living.

      Now it’s a struggle to just do 60/70 posts per month, with the mobile app I’m working on, new baby arrived, moved house, health problems, I just haven’t found the time to seriously work on this site and completely re-do the theme and implement all our ideas for features. Working towards doing our own interviews, videos, photo-shoots has always been the goal, but it’s a big undertaking to get to that point right now.

      Thanks again for your donation, and your comments too!

  28. Anonymous

    Park mubi PLZ

  29. LeeC22

    I’m not so keen on these two-model sets. I only like the Korean models, so these Korean model + Japanese/Chinese model are not a good thing for me. I think if you’re going to have two-model sets, then it would be better if they are both of the same nationality. That’s just my personal preference of course, others might like the idea.

  30. firebullet

    who is girl in centre??

  31. Anonymous

    Show a pic of u all naked

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