14 Apr ’15

Mai Ping Guo – Hot Babe From Beijing

Mai Ping Guo 麦苹果 is a sexy and hot Asian model and Internet celebrity from Beijing, China. Mai Ping Guo was born on June 29th, 1995. The model has taken and released quite a few photo shoots. What do you think of Beijing girl Mai Ping Guo?

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Mai Ping Guo’s Red Flava links: Articles Profile

Mai Ping Guo’s Statistics

Origin: Beijing, China
Born: June 29, 1995
Occupation: model

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Written by: Nia
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  1. Anonymous

    love the outdoor shots

  2. Hea

    The plastic is real

  3. Hea

    The plastic is real….

  4. GregR

    Why do most of the Chinese models make themselves look like the offspring of an Asian and a Roswell alien?

    • Anonymous

      Lmao, this comment is so full of shit.

      • Anonymous

        You have to admit this particular model looks very unnatural…

        • Anonymous

          i disagree. the fact that she’s displaying european cars doesn’t make her any less american and quite surely the shit she has instead of brain in fact belongs to british columbia. there may be millions who belong to america, but don’t worry: we’re working on it, they’ll be deported a.s.a.p.

        • Anonymous


          This makes absolutely no sense…

    • Anon

      There definitely are signs of cosmetic surgery but I’d like to note the wide angle lenses which are usually found on front facing cameras of cellphones distort proportionality from the center to the outside of the frame. If the same photo was taken with a 50mm or 80mm lens, her forehead would not look irregularly large

      • Anonymous

        I mean her eyes seem very far apart.

        I guess it’s probably due to the weird upclose selfies that all these asian models love.

  5. Gavin

    beautiful girl, lovely body, hope to see more of her.

  6. XOXO

    i would have totally forget how to start a car when she is sitting naked with legs up right next to me even i have the superb rally skill. what a body – SHE DRIVES ME CRAZY.

  7. Vasile Mironeasa

    Hot girls , very nice !

  8. Anonymous

    Some people will always find an excuse for arguing. Get a life, people!

  9. Anonymous

    The selfies are scary… BIG EYES!!

  10. U r gay!

    Those who quarrel after seeing this sexy pic . I bet u both r gay . Come on..enjoy be have a good time watching her tits,butt and my right back . Toilet first

  11. Anonymous

    who know’s of her facebook acount or instagram ? :

  12. Anonymous

    who know’s her facebook account … or instagram ?

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