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18 Mar ’15

Ai Shinozaki – Calendar And Photos

2015 to 2016 calendar photos of Ai Shinozaki 篠崎愛 plus other recent magazine shots of the idol. Download these 48 pictures now!

Download the full set below!

Download Mirror 1 (Free Pictures of Asian Models)
(19.35 MB, 48 pictures)
(This post contains only a selection of the set, the full set is in this zip file, in their original size.) Click Skip Ad at the top right to get to the download.

Download Mirror 2

Download Mirror 3 (without AdFly)

Ai Shinozaki’s Red Flava links: Articles Profile

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  1. Samsung Mobile

    Wow! So cute! Nice hair dye.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow! So cute! Lovely hair dye.

  3. Debu

    She is the best! Thanks Nia!

  4. Stephen

    I’d love the opportunity to date her, but would she date me? What’s her type? Is she straight, bi, or a lesbian? Another thing, is she comfortable with dating foreigners or does she prefer dating within her own ethnicity? I mean no offense by any of my questions, but if I ever go to Japan and I meet her, I’d like to know if I stand a chance. Otherwise I’ll just take a picture with her and maybe treat her to a friendly dinner. Better to be friends than nothing at all.

    • Dawg

      You don’t even have a chance to be her friend bro

    • Kiyomi

      Are you delusional or trolling? I hope you’re trolling, because if you’re seriously on RedFlava commenting about whether you could date one of the models posted here and talking about taking her out on a friendly dinner blah blah blah, you’re dangerously delusional. Like, scary delusional….i really hope you’re trolling xD

  5. Anonymous

    i wish shes a very simple girl that is what a good man type…….<3

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