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24 Feb ’15

Request A Model’s Picture Update

Dear Red Flava readers, we have been very busy lately and consequently been updating less this month. In order for us to keep up with our models’ new photo shoots, please feel free to request any model’s picture update in the comment box in this post. We’ll do our best to fulfill your request, and if you don’t see your favourite model’s update yet, it either means that there are not enough new pictures for us to post, or is because it is taking our time to get there. Eventually most active Asian models featured on Red Flava will be updated on, so come back and check on us every now and then! Enjoy our upcoming photo sets as usual!

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Written by: Nia

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Nia, Redflava Writer.


  1. Anonymous

    Yu Jin, Lee Yeon Yoon, and Luvian Ben Neng are my faves.. Would always love to see more of them if possible.

  2. dark lord

    Lee Yeon Yoon, Yeon Da Bin and Nozomi Sasaki, please.

  3. Lyntz

    Im Ji Hye and Ju Da Ha, thanks :)

  4. akatsuki

    Luvian ben neng, faye

  5. Mai Sasaki, Julia Clapp, Yuka Kuramochi, Shoko Takasaki or Anna Konno…please :)

  6. user

    Mikie hara and risa yoshiki and shin se ha….mikie hara has not seen her update for awhile….thanks

  7. harli

    Barbie ke er, su xia niu niu, huang mi ni and im ji hye olease…

  8. user

    Nao nagasawa

  9. Anonymous

    Ai shinozaki

  10. dree

    Ai shinozaki

  11. xKenzo

    Lee Eun Seo, Heo Yun Mi, or Ryu Ji Hye :D

  12. Duc

    Luvian Ben Neng…Barbie Ke Er…Ai Shinozaki…Thanks

  13. huang mi ni..han zi xuan..toro yu zhu..

  14. asdgarasd

    Hey, first of all I wanted to say thanks for all the hard work.

    This wouldn’t really be an update, but you once featured a picture of “嘉琳winna” in your “Hot Girls Of The Week December Pack 1” ( I found some more pictures here but I was wondering if you would ever consider making a post specifically on her?

  15. HAWK EYE

    Ha Ga Eun,Chen Si Qi,Choi Seul Gi,Guo Ting Yu,Jiang Xin Yue,Li Meng Tian for now …..:P

  16. Anonymous

    Huang Mi Ni, barbie ke er.

  17. Anonymous

    Hey Nia thanks for this post love it BUT kind a been long since i have seen LI QI XI Posts so can u please post her latest updates…….

    Thanking you


  18. danny

    wow.. it’s so nice of you
    if you could, please feature yamamoto sayaka, kojima haruna, kashiwagi yuki, and shimazaki haruka
    thanks before

  19. Needtoknow

    Eun Ji Ye, Lee Ji Min, Qui Xiao Chan, Kang Ye Bin, Lee Da Hee, Im Ji Hye, Hwang Mi Hee, Lee Eun Seo

  20. all beautiful asian girls that you got…

  21. D3xter

    Heo Yun Mi, Guo Ting Yu and Zhang You.:D

  22. TYZ


  23. Anonymous

    Elly Tran Ha, Li Meng Tian, Huang Ke

  24. MrJ

    Not to upset any other posters, I do notice a lot of models get featured a lot and very often (not that that is a bad thing!) But a little variety so we can get new favourites… I laid eyes on Sano Hinako first time here and so grateful haha!

    Thanks again for all hard work

  25. ebakun

    Mikie Hara San PLEASE O___o

  26. banana

    Nozomi Sasaki, please

  27. enzo

    hi nia,can i have wang hui xin,lin na bing and li ling pls??

  28. richard

    Chen Yi Man

  29. Don

    Yu Da Xiao Jie!!

  30. Neelsa Lens

    I am crazy about Anri Sugihara and Luvian Beng Neng :> I would love to see more and more :) Tks you Nia :D

  31. Anonymous

    Huang Mi Ni, barbie ke er, zhang you.. Please.

  32. architect

    hi nia , my favorite models are : 1. nozomi sasaki 2. lee eun hye 3. yumi sugimoto 4. han ga eun 5. ryu ji hye 6. choi seul ki 7. liu yan , thanks 4 this post .

  33. Devin

    Li Meng Tian/黎梦恬

    I would love more photoshoots of her, but if I’m not wrong she doesn’t do them much anymore.

  34. Devin

    By the way, thanks for doing such a great job on the website.


    Can you post recent photos of mikie hara. And how can i post a photo of an asian girl to know her name?

  36. Anonymous

    Luviam Ben Neng please :D

  37. Anonymous

    Zhang Wan You please, i really miss her photos

  38. Anonymous

    more of Mari Yamachi ,please !!

  39. Peach

    Luvian Ben Neng and Li Qi Xi pleaseeeeeee

  40. Col.

    Mikie Hara, Aoi Tsukasa, Sano Hinako, Ami Tokito, Ami Kikuchi, Mizuki Yamasaki. Thanks ;P

  41. Rex

    Chen Zi Rui
    Atom Phakjira
    Chen Jing Ying
    Shin Se Ha

  42. Chris

    Ryu Ji Hye, Ula, Shin Se Ha, Chen Xi Qi, Li Qi Xi, Yu Da Xiao Jie, Xin Yi, Cindy, Wanen and the E-cup girl on the Xiuren site Nia. Thanks

  43. Chris

    Thats Huang Mi Ni I forgot thanks again Nia

  44. LadysMan

    Please just only this Pretty girl i want …Faye… thanks Nia

  45. Anonymous

    Girls with stockings please

  46. Fernandito

    Cha Jung Ah……..please. Thanxs

  47. Jake

    Guo Ting Yu, Barbie Ke Er, Lu Ci, Wang Zi Zi/Wang Yue, and Zhang You.
    Thank you for your hard work and for listening to us viewers! Happy Chinese New Year!

  48. Ren

    Hope you have time for Liu Yi Ning

  49. Anonymous

    Huang Mi Ni and Barbie Ke Er pls

  50. Koba

    Asuka Kishi please, Nia :)

  51. LeeC22

    Ji Yeon is my new favourite, but she’s had a few updates already this year. Lee Da Hee or Minah are always welcome from the Korean girls. From Japan I would choose Michishige Sayumi and from China, Toro Yu Zhu.

    Thank you for all the updates, you provide a bright spark in the dim life of an old geyser. :D

  52. bobsmith88

    Im Soo Yeon, Ju Da Ha, Eun Bin Yang, Faye



    Nia. can you give me the name of this ladies?,DsxLvFw


    Well their faces are almost alike, asian beauties are almost the same. Can say if they are the same persons. What about the 2nd photo Nia? Thanks anyways.

  55. Unknown

    Can post a photo pack of Sabrina Xunuo ?

  56. Ben

    Kanae Kanzaki would be great.

  57. Anonymous

    Toro Yu Zhu, Zhang Yu Meng, Sissi Shi Shi. Thank you :)

  58. Anonymous

    Lee Ji Min and Ju Da Ha please!!

  59. Depression

    I also want to request to feature Models from Myanmar/Burma . Some burmese girls are hot . Thz u

  60. Fokker

    is there no barbie ke er’s new photoshoot??

  61. Anonymous

    Liu duo duo

  62. Anonymous

    Heo yun mi would be great

  63. Karl

    Luvian Ben Neng!

  64. Love Nia

    Raeka 曾水

  65. cm goth

    wang yue, guo ting yu, james dx models, natt chanapa, han ga eun, heo yun mi, cheon bo young, barbie ke er and luvian

  66. Anonymous

    Im Soo Yeon

  67. Anonymous

    Huang Mi Ni, barbie ke er, zhang you.. Please nia…

  68. Gavin

    Helli Nia, I would like to see updates from Huang Ke, Luvian Ben Nueng and Barbie Ke Er please. Also any other busty and hot Chinese models.Thank you very much

  69. anonymous

    More miwako kakei.

  70. Anonymous

    Lynn Chu

  71. Mandy

    Choi Seul Gi! She got a very cute face and a very hot body!

  72. Anonymous

    Ni Xiao Yao

  73. Nia, Can i have full complete Huang Mi Ni picture…

  74. Michael Collins

    I don’t know if you’re still taking requests but I’d maybe like to see more of Li Ling, Seo Jin Ah and Agnes Lim.

  75. Anonymous

    Chen zi rui

  76. Nay Myo Htet

    fan bing bing
    zhang xin yu
    li yu jie………

  77. Karakuri

    Barbie Ke Er, Huang Mi ni, Li Meng Tiang…

  78. nirwan

    Arisa please

  79. brucedate

    Mikie Hara ,thanks

  80. Lau

    Im Soo Yeon, please…

  81. Anonymous

    Hua Yi Mo pleasee

  82. judas

    hi nia, can u please update yu da xiao jie because its been a while i guess, thank you ^_^.

  83. hello there

    hey nia where did u get all of those pictures?

  84. Choi Seul ki

    Hey Nia! Choi seul ki pic please…

  85. OJ

    jin Mei Xin, Li Ying Zhi pls!

  86. OJ

    Jin Mei Xin, and Li Yi Zhing

  87. Anonymous

    please im soo yeon

  88. Anonymous

    Huang Mi Ni, barbie ke er, zhang you.. Please

  89. Jack

    Sano Hinako is the reason why i am here. So update her photo shoots.

  90. Anonymous

    dai xin ni

  91. horndog69

    clara lee

  92. Anonymous

    toro yu zhu

  93. addie

    Clara LEE!

  94. slobs

    dai xin ni plsss!!!

  95. pedestriAN


  96. Anonymous

    anri sugihara and elly tran ha plsss

  97. CuuLong

    i know you are busy but i want see more from Sissi Shi Shi. thank a lot

  98. Ak

    I would like to download more cute “Wang jia yun” pics…

  99. Benedict Xavier

    Can you search ye junghwa and add pics of her. It would be nice.

  100. xitudf

    Nia, can i make a request? Can you find pictures and profile of Jrananang please? she is a chinese model

  101. Anonymous

    Huang Mi Ni please nia….

  102. hensom

    more Huang Mi Ni. thanks Nia :)

  103. Adûnâi

    I’d like to request more of Ma Lu Na. I know that she’s been featured lately but she’s the best.

  104. hensom

    hello Nia! i wanna ask questions about this girl.. do you know if she is a new model? how do you pronounce her full name..and is it posible for you to make a photo collection of her too? thank you!
    for giving attention to my requests even tho you are quitw occupied..

    • Nia

      Hi, I think she is a new model. Her name is She Bei La. I can include her photos in our Hot Picks posts if I find any. :)

  105. hensom

    hello Nia! i wanna ask questions about this girl.. do you know if she is a new model? how do you pronounce her full name..and is it posible for you to make a photo collection of her too? thank you!
    for giving attention to my requests even tho you are quite occupied..

  106. anonymous

    complete packs of liu fei er and huang mi ni pls

  107. Anonymous

    lin ke tong

  108. Anonymous

    linke tong and yu jia ni

  109. Anonymous

    nrw huang mi ni download pack and li ling download pack complete

  110. Anonymous

    new picture huang mi ni download pack and li ling download pack complete

  111. raymond

    guo ting yu and li qi xi and wang yue

  112. Anonymous

    Chui Seul Gi

  113. Josh

    I would luv to seee Jrananang ..and she is my fav.. there is only 50 pics in this web so plz post new pics more ..

  114. munkeyz

    Phak Phenphak a playboy model from thailand

  115. Anonymous

    Hwang mi ni pleasseee

  116. Gary

    Fan Ling please …

  117. anyname

    i want Yu Ji

  118. solgitz

    Barbie Ke-er did a photobook with Rayshen, could you post those please

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