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22 Jun ’15

Ask Red Flava To Identify A Model

Dear readers, this is a post where you can ask us to identify a model. Since we don’t have the time to provide all of the names of the featured girls on our site, here is where you can request identities of your favourite girl(s). Please link a picture or two with your comment. We’ll try to reply as many comments as we can. If you don’t get a reply, that either means we don’t know the name or the girl has not shared her name. We’re ready, so ask away!

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Written by: Nia

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Nia, Redflava Writer.


  1. Anonymous

    The first girl that is the cover of this page:

    How do I link an image ?

    • Nia

      Zhang Yi Wen 张译文 (Michelle). You can right click an image and then ‘Open image in new tab’ to get the link of the picture.

  2. Absolute

    May i ask name of the girl with blue bikini (right bottom) in this image ?
    Thanks Nia

  3. Anonymous

    Please who is she? her name please

  4. Marco

    Hi Nia ! Could you advise me some safe sites with chinese girls? Except Redflava and

  5. Mic

    Who is the girl at the bottom left, of the picture in this post?


    Nia, can i request new sets of photos about Mikie Hara, Ju Da Ha, Choi Seul Gi, Heo Yun Mi,Rina Nagasaki, Risa Yoshiki, Shin Se Ha, and Yumi Sugimoto. Thanks in advance..

  7. AMaX

    Nia please, can you name these sublime creatures?

    (noooo ! dont hit me is a joke !)

  8. Mike

    Whos the 2nd girl from the right?

  9. David

    Who is the girl who is used for your image for the “changes to updates” link, please?

  10. theo.bass

    hi nia,could you please identify this girl… :)

  11. Sxyoxga

    Thanks Nia,:)

  12. Sxyoxga

    Hey Nia,can you help me again,i can’t find everything about He He Xi,are you know her real name or the nickname?

  13. Sxyoxga

    Ahh,,i give up,i think he he xi is not a Popular model,i don’t get many information about her
    ,are have few photos of her ?…sorry can you help me again ,nia :)

    • Nia

      She is a new model, not as popular as many other models on our site. I’ll share more photos of her in our future Hot Picks posts.

  14. Can you tell me who the cover model in this is (the one in the cover photo)? ->

  15. Sxyoxga

    Oke,thanks for your information

  16. Xcroxs

    I saw here only a gravure photo. what you have is really naked?, or slightly more nude?

  17. B

    What these girls name

  18. sam

    may i know her name please… she looks like sulli of FX

  19. sam

    may i know her name please… she looks like sulli of FX

    • Nia

      The first two are She Bei La 佘贝拉 (Bella) and Li Xue Ting 李雪婷 (Anna), the third girl in the other two pictures is Yan Ke Ke 炎可可.

  20. sam

    name of the all the galzz

  21. sam

    name of the model

  22. anthony

    Can you update more of Han ga eun

  23. anthony

    Update more of Han ga eun

  24. anon

    Nia who is this? She caught my eye :o

  25. sam


    Do you have more pic of Lin Jia Ling.


  26. sam

    name of the model and if you could send me the link of her picture. Thanx..

  27. sam

    name of the model and link to her picture. Thanx..

  28. rio

    do you have link for Meng Xiao Nan 梦小楠.?

  29. spatika

    please NIA put me out of my mysery and tell me who this is…….
    U’re the best!

  30. spatika

    Thanks a lot!

  31. spatika

    Hey Nia could u find the name of that elusive Anna Mu model?

  32. Anonymous

    hi , do you know who is she ?

  33. raymond

    girl on far left

  34. raymond woops sorry forgot the comments but who is this girl (last one)

  35. Anonymous hei nia please tell me this,girls name?,please…..

    • Nia

      1. Um Ji Eun 엄지인
      2. Unknown
      3. Teng Fei Fei 滕菲菲
      4. Jung Yun 정윤
      5. Um Ji Eun 엄지인
      6. Um Ji Eun 엄지인
      7. Jung Yun 정윤

      You’re welcome. :)

  36. jay

    seriously! U re The best!
    For real!

  37. Lee her name pls. thank

  38. Luigi Andre Alcala

    do you have maggy moon pictures?

  39. Ren

    Hi can you help me with her name please? and if you have pictures on redflava (Which I think you do but I just cant find it)

  40. Ren

    hi, who is this girl please? If you have link for her pics on redflava too? I just cant find it! thanks!

  41. Ren

    Hi, please help with her name please? and link of pics on redflava if you have (which I think you do but I just cant find it) Please :) and thank you!
    sorry if this posted twice or thrice, phone is having trouble.

  42. raymond
    Nia, who is the one with blue eyes?
    And the one on the far left

    • Nia

      First pic, girl on the left: Xia Mei Jiang 夏美酱. The other two girls from Cynthia Studio are unknown.

  43. Papa Jack

    Hey There..
    Thanks for sharing bunch of a gorgeous pics…
    I really enjoy it.

    May i ask who is this girl ?
    Thank you.

  44. Izzy

    Have you ever seen this model before? Photo #20 thanks

  45. A

    Hi Nia. I think Im in love with this girl:
    Hope you can help me. Thanks!!

  46. anonim

    Who is she in this picture?

  47. Ra6na

    Hello nia, did you know who is she ?

  48. Nebula

    I can’t find her name anywhere, I don’t suppose you know who she is?

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