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29 Nov ’15

Hot Girls Of The Week November Pack 7

The final download pack for November’s Hot Picks collection: 55 more hot pictures of sexy and cute Asian girls. Get in here and check out all the beauties featured in this post!

Download the full set below!

Download Mirror 1 (Free Pictures of Asian Models)
(11.01 MB, 55 pictures)
(This post contains only a selection of the set, the full set is in this zip file, in their original size.) Click Skip Ad at the top right to get to the download.

Download Mirror 2

Download Mirror 3 (without AdFly)

Click here for more Hot Asian Girls

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Written by: Nia
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  1. Chris

    Does every woman in asia now have big fat fake tits?

  2. Chris

    These girls weight about 80 pounds – 40 pounds comprised of chest meat.

    Its genetically impossible

    • ChrisisSJW

      @ Chris. And you care why? These women will always been better then your right hand.

      I will never understand why any guy hates implants. I rather see/feel implants then saggy breasts any day.

      It’s not genetically impossible (Look at you trying to be smart by saying such big words!), just look at some of the models posted before today. Plenty of again girls can have natural large breast. By your logic all white women should all have large breast, and lots of them do not.

      Though at the end of the day you probably are some PC/SJW whining for some feminist reasons…

      • Velius

        Makes me wonder what you do in a site like this and talking about right hands and all.Isn’t it obvious why you are here too? Chill man some ppl don’t like 220 cc bouncing like basketball balls FAKE breasts others like it and so on.I declare your post as trolling and pretty bad attempt at that.

    • Oscar

      I suppose its a personal choice to have breast implants or not. I prefer natural girls like Yeon Ye Hee, but I suppose that I’m part of a minority among the guys who follow this site.
      I don´t agree with people who insults those who think different than them like ChrisisSJW. One can make a point without insulting the other guy.

      By the way, I liked this post a lot!

    • Nonono

      I’ve seen asian girls with natural big boobs similar to the (most) pictures above, so it’s not genetically impossible..
      what makes me concern is, there are still some people who still ranting/complaining about fake tits or not. I can imagine what kind of person you are, perhaps you’re just some kind of people who considered as not attractive by the majority of your opposite sex, yet you just whining because of your sorry pitiful life you’ve stucked there..

    • Anonymous

      i think their boobs are perfectly normal not even that big

  3. Danny

    SNSD SeoHyun

  4. Anonymous

    Lots of cute barefoot shots, I would absolutely love a whole picture set where all the girls are barefoot please and thank you. That would seriously make my day and keep me coming back for more. Nia please do it for me :)

  5. Tom

    Thanks for the photo of SNSD Seohyun she is such a sweet heart

  6. 1n00bB

    Those sexy GeForce

  7. Ary

    First girl is Hottest and Cuttest.

  8. Anonymous

    What is the name of the girl in the first picture?

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