16 Dec ’15

Korean Girl Shares Sexual Weird Videos

Showry is a South Korean YouTuber who shares sexual, weird and explicit content on her YouTube channel. You may find her videos funny and interesting, or weird and crazy. If you browse through some of them, you will see cosplay, pranks, parodies and titles such as “Sexy Making Sandwich”, “Awesome Way To Eat Yoghurt”, “Things Only C Cup Can Do” and “Woman Massager’s Secret Hobby”. They do seem like the types of content that would grab attention not only from the Korean internet users but also from internet users worldwide. Check out the videos shared in this post if interested but prepare for what you’re going to watch!

I’ll Be Your Pet

Sexy Making Sandwich

Making Fruit Juice

Would You Hire Me As a Secretary?

Baby, Come Into My Blanket (Virtual Dating Simulation)

Lives With A Sexual Girlfriend (Virtual Dating Simulation)

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  1. ghost of sparta

    Watched Sexy Making Sandwich. What is this I don’t even…

  2. william

    lol wth is this

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