12 Dec ’15

Korean Girl Group Detained At Airport

Earlier this month new South Korean girl group Oh My Girl was detained at Los Angeles airport on suspicion of being sex workers. It was reported that Oh My Girl finally returned to South Korea after being detained for 15 hours. Debuted on April 20th, 2015, Oh My Girl is an eight-member pop group formed by WM Entertainment. On December 9th, Oh My Girl flew to Los Angeles, California for their new album jacket.

Oh My Girl‘s detention at the airport has been covered by news outlets from across the globe, including the U.K., the United States, Australia, Spain, Singapore, China, Japan, etc. If you have recently checked BBC, MirrorYahoo! News or The Muse, you’ll see Oh My Girl‘s faces, pictures or videos. What do you think of the group for being mistaken as sex workers?

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Written by: Nia
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  1. Anonymous

    Someone in the group could have called the cops just to get their names in the news.

  2. Kok Fu sheng

    Very sad to hear this :( Hope they all okay

    Avoid US at all costs

  3. Bom

    it is common practice that sex workers are sent (specifically) from south korea.. perhaps that’s why when these young girls came at airport raised suspicion to the airport officials.

    But, what make me wonders is why their agency (Oh My Girl’s agency) unable to convince the airport that these girls are a korean girl group??

  4. Anonymous

    to be fair…they sort of are sex workers…They’re very young girls told to be flirty and sexy for the profit of some huge corporation…they probably don’t actually have sex with anyone for money, but their sexuality is for sale

  5. Anonymous

    Glad to know there are some things the USA is doing to stop child trafficking. It is a huge problem world wide. Pretty incredible they did not have the documentation and chaperones to get thru that checkpoint.

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