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20 Jan ’14

Red Flava Readers Help Donate!

Redflava Donation page

Dear Redflava readers:

Since the end of last year, we’ve been finding our ads less effective and now we’re losing income again with redflava. :( I’m going to have to take a week off and hopefully when I’m back redflava will provide you with even hotter updates!

It’s already hard to make much without Google ads and most of our ads only pay for signups. It’s unlikely for regular redflava visitors to sign up more than once. And since pop-up adverts and limited adult ads are not an option, what will happen to the future of redflava? As you’ve probably noticed, we’re running two other sister sites at the same time, Funny Flava and Kiss Babes. Having Google ads on them will only help if they both had as many visitors as redflava, unfortunately that is a target we have yet to achieve.

Our current situation is also confounded by the problem that we haven’t been expanding much. It is really not easy to promote our type of website because it would usually be seen as spam on most forums and similar sites which see ours as a competition. For us, of course, we welcome link exchange which we believe would be mutually beneficial.

So, if you can donate any amount through Paypal to help keep the site going it would be greatly appreciated! We’ve had 1 donation in the past six months and our monthly cost is $58. Running the site actually costs more than that, but we usually recoup that with the ads which, as stated above, are not doing so well.

If you are not able to donate, you can help us by telling your friends about redflava and join our Facebook and Twitter communities. One improvement on redflava is that we’re having regular commentators now, so thanks to everyone who has shared your opinions and suggestions, and also thanks to those who have supported us from the very beginning.

Our Donation page is linked above or you can access to it here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment box below or using this contact form. When redflava is back on your daily viewing list, :) expect the following upcoming posts:

  • Hot Girls of the Week
  • Top Models of the Month
  • Asian Music Chart
  • Korean Event Sets
  • New Featured Models
  • Complete Picture Packs

and many more! (if only I had more time) Anyway thanks for reading and wait for us to come back, dear readers! ^^ – Nia & Flava

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Written by: Nia

About the Author

Nia, Redflava Writer.


  1. anon

    can you upload a pack of luvian? wow

  2. arif

    to bad only paypal account :S i dont have

    why not add webmoney?

  3. Bill

    Say it aint so Nia! If I wasnt such a broke ass I would definitely donate.

  4. napoleonic

    well have you tried spamming eastern asian forums? worth to try lol

  5. Rob

    You can cut costs by not featuring Japanese girls.

  6. soicee

    Hi Nia, I send U a donation in AUD. If U can’t use, refuse it & I’ll send again in USD. Red Flava is one of my favourite sites – I hope it keeps running!

  7. vaan

    If I were rich,I would definitely donate for sure T.T
    the problem is not all viewers from US or europe,some originating from thai,africa,and other developing countries.
    And so our conversion rate to USD is so low,for comparison I am indonesian and 1 USD=12000 rupiah
    20000 rupiah is a one standard meal in jakarta,and so you know now even 10 dollars is huge for us ~.~

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