9 Apr ’14

Wang Ming Ming – Sexy Anhui Babe

Wang Ming Ming 王明明 is a beautiful, sexy and cute model and Internet celebrity from Anhui Province, East China. Wang Ming Ming was born on November 2nd, 1990. Wang Ming Ming has attended the 2013 ChinaJoy event along with many other popular Chinese models. What do you think of Chinese babe Wang Ming Ming?

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Wang Ming Ming’s Red Flava links: Articles Profile

Wang Ming Ming’s Statistics

Origin: Anhui, China
Born: November 2, 1990
Height: 172cm
Weight: 50kg
Measurements: 37-25-36
Occupation: model

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Written by: Nia
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  1. Anonymous

    super hot

  2. winter

    Just another big breast woman…

    • Anonymous

      nothing wrong, we can deal with that

      • winter

        well… I don’t know… this kind of beauty is (sorry for the inappropriate word) “cheap”. She’s selling her body to lure us. To look beautiful, why didn’t she use more proper clothing? I bet she’d be more attractive wearing a dress and cover up her breasts…

        • Anonymous

          bikini and lingerie still need to be sold, and they need models for that. that’s what models do, they sell products, they use their beauty and body to earn money. if you’re looking for women with “proper clothing”, then you’re looking at the wrong industry, even top models, supermodels show skin on the catwalk and in front of the camera. this girl, Wang ming ming, she’s doing her job. and she’s open enough to realize that there’s no shame of showing off a beautiful curvy body that his parents gave her.

        • Anon

          Good thing you don’t live in America then winter. I’d hardly call this “cheap.” That’s such a traditional mindset; we should be more accepting than to put labels on women.

        • Kyfan

          Dude, where u from? I dunno about u but i come to this site to appreciate diff forms of asian beauty. Nothing cheap looking about her. If u dont like such images then go to another site?

        • Anon

          ^Couldn’t have put it better myself Kyfan. We are moving (or should be) to a more tolerant era where we don’t deem women to be “cheap,” “sluts,” or some misogynist term. So we see skin. Big whoop.

        • Buster

          Lol you’re just another repressed conservative hypocrite. Complaining about girls in bikinis AND THEN COMING A WEBSITE FULL OF GIRLS IN BIKINIS. What are you even doing here in the first place!?? You came here to ogle too you pervert! At least be honest with yourself.

  3. Anonymous

    My blood pressure has never been so high! I was wondering when she was going to be on here, thanks Nia.

  4. Bleeding


  5. Anonymous

    Chinese girls are incredible

    • Dark Heart

      itz true speaking from self xperience man no other girls can make me more hor*** up tht a chinese girl can do itz difficult to ignore such beauty ;)

  6. Kyfan

    Holy Cow… Literally… :)

  7. anonymous

    shes so amazing,..
    incredibly fake :)

    • Anonymous

      you don’t have to be mean. if you don’t like her, just leave this post and check other posts. i’m sure there are many people who like this girl.

  8. Anonymous

    so hot

  9. Anonymous

    Been wondering why there are no posts about her here, thanks a lot nia <3. Altho too bad in most photo she looks like a creepy barbie doll, i blame the make up artist lol xD.

    • Anonymous

      Haha. Barbie-doll looks are the trend these days. Maybe she doesn’t think she looks creepy, that’s why she uploaded these photos? Contact lenses are also the trend. though many girls can overdo it.

      • Anonymous

        yeah, i guess its a matter of preference :/ to me those heavy make ups make them looks creepy. About the dude talking about fake or real boobs below me, i’m not sure but most chinese model have fake boobs (which i don’t really mind as long as its on the right proportion), but if you’re into that you can google or baidu her just type her chinese name there are articles about her in breast contest

  10. Mr.Woot

    are those big breast natural or fake as in enhanced boob job?

  11. Anonymous

    cool~~~ super cool

  12. RAF


  13. RAF


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