20 Mar ’14

Huang Ke – Adorable Hot Shenzhen Girl

Huang Ke 黄可 is a new and rising hot model and Internet celebrity from Shenzhen, China. Also known as Christine, Huang Ke was born on February 23rd, 1987. Huang Ke has been active in the modelling industry since the beginning of 2014. What do you think of Chinese babe Huang Ke?

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Huang Ke’s Red Flava links: Articles Profile

Huang Ke’s Statistics

Other Name(s): Christine
Origin: Shenzhen, China
Born: February 23, 1987
Occupation: model

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Written by: Nia
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  1. Anonymous

    so cute
    hope she will take many new photos

  2. jimmy

    hmm she’s a teenager also? How are chinese girls fully developed by 17-18?

  3. Andrew

    So cute^^

  4. Anonymous

    one of the cutest chinese girls, reminds of amanda hua jia, right?

    • cm goth

      I am sorry but amanda hua jia isn’t cute she’s more like pretty but not to be describe as cute

  5. Johnny P

    thank you, Nia :D

  6. dfgdfgd

    Those tits >_>

  7. Anonymous

    With these young ones appearing one by one, if feel like I’m becoming a pedobear! LOL!

    |ノ ヽ
    / ● ● | クマ──!!
    | (_●_) ミ
    彡、 |∪|、`\
    / __ ヽノ /´> )
    (___) / (_/
    | /
    | /\ \
    | / ) )
    ∪ ( \

  8. Bill

    She is amazing! Please more Nia.

  9. Col.

    Nice ass and tits. Very cute.

  10. Aaron

    any expert know what cups she is ?? ( D , E ) ???

  11. K

    dont disappoint

  12. sdfg

    The profile on a model site stated that she was born in 1987.

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