24 Dec ’14

Young Girls In Bikini To Welcome Christmas

To welcome this year’s Christmas, 10 young girls wore Christmas bikini outfits and skied at the Da Hong Zhai Ski Resort in Yuzhou, Henan Province, China on December 23rd. It is likely that these girls were hired by the resort for Christmas promotion. It was also China’s Dongzhi Festival (Winter Solstice Festival) on December 22nd. The temperature was one degree below zero, but it is reported that the girls were enjoying the Christmas atmosphere and spirit. An event like this makes you wonder what next year’s Christmas will be like and how companies and organisations will use festivals and special occasions to promote their business and services.

Source: CRI Online

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  1. Anonymous

    haha feeling cold for them

  2. Anonymous

    Nice event.
    Wish i were there.

  3. Anna

    I hope their payment is worth the cold.

  4. jinmeixin fan

    wow they celebrate christmas very sexy thankyou china we love china

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