9 Nov ’14

South Korean Trend – The Girl Who Eats A Lot

This is not something new, but as I’m watching these videos again, I might as well share them with you who might not have seen them before. If you’ve never heard of this girl (Park Seo-yeon) or this new trend (online-dining shows) in South Korea, get ready to watch some of the most impressive videos on the South Korean websites. Maybe “impressive” isn’t really the right word, you may prefer “amazing” or “incredible”. Among all the cute girls and guys who got paid (or donated) to eat in front of a webcam and audience, this girl nicknamed “The Diva” stands out because she literally can eat a ton of food and stay slim.

I’ve inserted quite a few videos in this article of “The Diva” Park Seo-yeon feasting on food as if this is all she does. It is said that she could make over 9,000 US dollars per month eating and streaming like this every day. She usually streams and eats nonstop (while checking comments about her online and answering questions) for one or two hours, and spends the rest of the day burning the calories off by exercising, shopping for food, etc.

It is really amazing how some people can eat this much and don’t seem to gain weight, but then again, overeating is not something that should be encouraged for most healthy people. I’m not following “The Diva” online, but I’ve heard that she had stopped streaming videos anymore due to excessive negative comments. We don’t know if she will ever stream again in the future, but if you’re interested in her and her dining show, stay tuned for more updates on her from Red Flava! Now feel free to check out the videos I link here; the food Park Seo-yeon eats include Kimchi Jjigae, chicken, crabs, salad, shrimps, eggs, noodles, pizza, etc. Feel free to share your thoughts on the topic in the comment box below!

140228, The Diva

140306, The Diva

140509, The Diva

140514, The Diva

140517, The Diva

140520, The Diva

140523, The Diva

140526, The Diva

140528, The Diva

(Note: you can find more videos online using these search terms: “The Diva”, “Park Seo-yeon” or “디바”)

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  1. Anonymous

    I admire those who can eat tons! I love food but can’t eat a lot. :(

  2. Anonymous

    she can eat!

  3. Anna

    I can eat a lot too.

  4. Bac

    she must work up everyday…

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