10 Nov ’14

Singles’ Day – Half-naked Shoppers

On November 8th, 2014 in Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province, Central China, young girls and guys queued to shop at Guanggu Plaza for a “Singles’ Day” sales event. The shopping center announced before the event that the first 200 customers aged 18 to 40 will receive clothes worth up to 1,000 yuan for free if they come in only underwear. The organizers of the event also invited 100 half-naked models that day in case people felt too shy to take off their clothes in public.

Singles’ Day, or Guanggun Jie 光棍节 (November 11th, or “Double 11” 双十一), has become increasingly popular among young people in China. Guanggun Jie literally means “Bare Sticks Holiday”, a day of celebration for people who are single. Couples celebrate love on Valentine’s day, now bachelors have their own holiday and their own way of celebrating their status – organizing parties, singing karaoke and shopping online, etc. We can predict that more events like “Singles’ Day” sales will target younger consumers in the future as such a holiday is a great opportunity for companies to make profit and get noticed among young consumers.

Source: Weifang News

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    haha good event to spot hot girls, and potential models.

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