8 Jan ’14

RF’s Favourite Music Videos Of 2013

Red Flava’s Favourite Music Videos Of 2013:

No. 1. EXO – Growl

No. 2. After School – First Love

No. 3. Teen Top – Miss Right

No. 4. Sistar – Give It To Me

No. 5. Hebe Tien – You Better Not Think About Me

No. 6. Miss A – Hush

No. 7. VIXX – Hyde

No. 8. Jin – Gone

No. 9. T-ara – Number Nine

No. 10. Kara – Damaged Lady

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Written by: Nia
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  1. nate

    love after school and t-ara

  2. syke

    Why wasn’t Girls Generation selected?

  3. Jim

    2NE1 is better than of the groups mentioned here, but they don’t have no videos on this list.

    • ak

      it means 2NE1 isnt their favorite. I dont see the point in complaining here. every1 has their own list, just becos you like 2NE1 doesnt mean every1 else likes them. my fav isn’t listed here either. but I really like Kara too, thax for putting them there, rf. ;)

    • 2013

      i like the old 2ne1
      i can’t stand their voices in their new songs for some reason

  4. euaj

    after school & sistar are so sexy!

  5. Jim

    Not complaining Just making a statement.

  6. syke

    How come Girls Generation wasn’t picked, they’re better than all the above.

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