18 Mar ’14

Asian Music Chart – March 2014 [1]

Let’s start with our Asian Music Chart for the first half of March, 2014. Popular Korean girl group Girls’ Generation finally made their comeback this month with “Mr.Mr.”, competing with two equally popular Korean songs: 2NE1‘s “Come Back Home” and CNBLUE‘s “Can’t Stop”. Well-known Taiwanese singer-actress Angela Chang also released several music videos this March, one of which is the catchy “Sunshine And Air”. We hope you’ll enjoy the music in our first ranking of Asian pop songs this month, and stay tuned for our next list!

Korea About Red Flava  Top Asian Pop Songs

No. 1. Girls’ Generation – Mr.Mr.

No. 2. Angela Chang – Sunshine And Air

No. 3. SKE48 – Galaxy Of Dreams

No. 4. CNBLUE – Can’t Stop

No. 5. 2NE1 – Come Back Home

No. 6. TVXQ – Spellbound

No. 7. 4Minute – Whatcha Doin’ Today

No. 8. Toheart (WooHyun & Key) – Delicious

No. 9. Orange Caramel – Catallena

No. 10. Jane Zhang – Wo Shi Wo De

No. 11. B.A.P – No Mercy (Japanese Single)

No. 12. 100% – Beat

No. 13. SoReal – My Heart Says

No. 14. AlphaBAT – Ddan Dda La

No. 15. Wings – Hair Short

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  1. Anonymous

    girls generation looking handsome there
    angela zhang shaohan still looking young
    didn’t like 2ne1’s come back home first but now digging it
    don’t like 4minute’s new song but hunya is always sexy
    orange caramel is doing what they always do
    bap’s no mercy sounds like a wrong version but the song is still awesome
    100% is back!
    creepy hair in the last mv

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