23 Feb ’14

Asian Music Chart – February 2014

If you like Asian music, check out our monthly Asian Music Chart for February 2014! Several Korean girl groups are ranked in this list including Stellar and Ladies’ Code, as well as boy bands C-ClownB.A.P and BtoB, etc. This month Taiwan-based Singaporean singer Stefanie Sun has made her comeback with the new single “Kepler”. Also check out the new MVs of solo artists such as Gain and Sunmi! Hope you’ll enjoy the music!

Korea About Red Flava  Popular Asian Songs

No. 1. Stellar – Marionette

No. 2. Stefanie Sun – Kepler

No. 3. Atsuko Maeda – Seventh Chord

No. 4. C-Clown – Justice

No. 5. Gain – Truth or Dare

No. 6. Chen (from EXO) & Zhang Liyin – Breath

No. 7. Sunmi – Full Moon

No. 8. BTS – Boy In Luv

No. 9. Bebop – I’m The Best

No. 10. B.A.P – 1004 (Angel)

No. 11. Zhou Mi – Blind

No. 12. Ladies’ Code – So Wonderful

No. 13. SPEED – “Why I’m Not?”

No. 14. BtoB – Beep Beep

No. 15. Topp Dogg – Arario

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  1. ak

    stellar is sexy
    marionette I like

  2. K

    love the chinese songs

  3. confused

    Haha, why are there boy bands on here?

  4. syke34

    Again no Girls Generation you must be a hater

    • Nia

      I like Girls’ Generation a lot, but they haven’t released a new MV this month yet. This is a monthly chart based on the MVs released that month particularly. Girls’ Generation’s last music video was from the end of 2013. I’m waiting for their new release and can’t wait to see what it’ll be like. :)

    • Anonymous

      why would they have a girls generation’s tag then?

    • Cupez

      Whaat?? That was harsh… Just give me the youtube link of Girls’ Generation MV’s released on February… The fact is they only released a teaser of their upcoming MV. If you know nothing about this, then i assume that you’re not a real soshi.

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