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27 Nov ’14

Red Flava New Header Models’ Names

It’s time to reveal the names of the models featured on our Red Flava new header. Apart from the third girl which we’re uncertain about, the other girls’ names are as follows with their respective pictures. Please let us know if any of you knows the name of the third girl.

[Update: The third girl is Mina Hisatsune 久恒美菜 from Japan. Thanks to our informed readers!]

1. Dai Xin Ni 黛欣霓 – Chinese

2. Liu Fei Er 刘飞儿 – Chinese (Posts)

3. Mina Hisatsune 久恒美菜 – Japanese (our guess, now confirmed)

4. Gong Ye Xuan 龚叶轩 – Chinese

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Written by: Nia
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  1. Lyntz

    Your “guest” is beatyful ! i would like to see more

  2. Lyntz

    your guess ( reading too fast is bad :p )

  3. Anonymous

    I’d also like to know the Japanese girl’s name if possible.

  4. Anonymousss

    for this girl –> 3. Unknown – Japanese (our guess)
    You can write in google search with this word ” 久恒美菜 ”

    she is a model in alice salon,check this out
    Happy Googling.. :D

  5. k

    Dai Xin Ni 黛欣霓 – Chinese more pics… she has nude + uncensored plz
    thanks b4


    Plz Update pics of Gong Ye Xuan & Dai Xin Ni…

  7. Anonymous

    please make a gallery for the japanese one she’s so pretty


    HI, Nia plz update photos of Jiang Xin Yue..She is another Chinese model..


    Have a look in these site and tell me

  10. cm goth

    can you upload photos of natt chanapa and wang li dan?

  11. nxLynz

    please make an album of that number 3 girl (mina hisatsune)

  12. kashiru

    this models are allsome :D is there a taiwan model in redflava i think there hot too … i always updated to models thanks miss nia

  13. animenippon

    Mina Hisatsune.. the 3rd Japanese girl who is popular in this comment section.
    Here is her Instagram feed.
    She is ’95 born and is only 19 years old. OMG <3 <3

  14. arigatou

    The 3rd Japanese girl with the stone-cold glare. She’s only 19!
    Here is her Instagram acc:
    久恒 美菜 mina hisatsune. ’95

  15. I love this site it cool

    Wow nice pics she is hot.

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