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11 Jun ’14

Hot Girls Of The Week June Pack 2

The second pack of Hot Girls Of The Week for June 2014 already! We hope you’ll see some of your favourite girls in this new selection for our Hot Picks packs. Also feel free to let us know which girl or picture do you like the most on this page! Now download and enjoy! ^-^

Download the full set below!

Download Mirror 1 (Free Pictures of Asian Models)
(35.18 MB, 90 pictures)
(This post contains only a selection of the set, the full set is in this zip file, in their original size.) Click Skip Ad at the top right to get to the download.

Download Mirror 2 | Download Mirror 3

Click here for more Hot Asian Girls

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Written by: Nia
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Nia, Redflava Writer.


  1. Anonymous

    wow so many hot girls

  2. Anonymous

    All gorgeous. Hey Nia, who is the second model wearing glasses? And also, the lovely wearing the futbol jersey holding the soccer ball. Thank you

  3. I appreciate the posts for,苏夏妞妞 and 友熙酱. Soooo sexy!!!

  4. Col.

    Great set Nia! Who are the first two girls from the top? The second one with glasses is HOT. Also is the third girl Tia Tanaka? One last question. Is the 5th girl from the bottom Ami Kikuchi? She’s so cute I would love to see a feature just on her ;P

    • Nia

      The first two girls are Chen Zi Rui 陈子睿 (aka Chen Si Fan 陈思凡) and Ami Tokito 時東あみ. Yes, that’s Ami Kikuchi. :)

  5. Langlong

    Is the 2nd last phot somegirl named atom phakjira?

  6. Langlong

    Who is the girl with the blueish black bikini wearing pink headphones?

  7. Kartos

    !!! So yeon yang :D

  8. Anonymous

    Nice Maki Goto made it on the list. Nia, you should post more from her go to natura photobook. She looks amazing in it. For example

  9. Love Nia

    Hi Nia, when are you going to post your photo? XD

  10. william

    hawt tyvm nia

  11. Rathanor

    Great Set here Nia thanks, glad to see some models that i haven’t seen in ages. ;)
    Oh and thanks for adding AJ Sachi.. She’s my crush lol

  12. Dolo

    Who is the gal last 4 picture ?

  13. Anonymous

    Who is the first girl sitting in the chair??

  14. TheFamilyCat

    Love AJ Sachi. !

  15. Anonymous

    I feel like you’d save a lot of time if you included the names with the photos :)

  16. Rudie

    Nia, whose the very first woman before the pictures start?

  17. Anonymous

    Hi Nia, more of 陈子睿 photos please :)

  18. Rudie

    Any wang yue updates yet?

  19. san

    hey nia,who is it?

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