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21 May ’14

Li Yang Zi – New Shoots And Selfies

In this article we’re sharing with you Chinese model Li Yang Zi‘s 李洋子 new photo shoots and real-life snapshots. Born on July 18th, 1984, Li Yang Zi is a hot model and actress from Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang Province, Northeast China. Check her out if you’re interested in Chinese models!

Download the full set below!

Download Mirror 1 (Free Pictures of Asian Models)
(9.49 MB, 63 pictures)
(This post contains only a selection of the set, the full set is in this zip file, in their original size.) Click Skip Ad at the top right to get to the download.

Download Mirror 2 | Download Mirror 3

Li Yang Zi’ Red Flava links: Articles Profile

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  1. jon

    love the black and white shots

  2. Aryan

    Hi Nia
    Just love your collections.
    Want to ask one thing. why indian girls are not part of your collection?
    Asia is not complete without india and Indian women are beautiful and sexy also.

    • Nia

      Hi, thanks for liking our site. :) It was our initial intention to feature Chinese, South Korean and Japanese girls/news. It was mainly because we were more familiar with these three countries’ languages, cultures, websites and model industries (I’m Chinese). So we decided to continue focusing on these three East Asian countries and their models and celebrities. And for girls who come from other Asian countries such as Thailand and Singapore, etc, we usually share their photos in our weekly Hot Picks articles.

  3. Hello Nia, great post as always.

    I have a question. See, I am Kim Ha Yul’s fanand it has been quite a while since i’ve seen her post here. What happen? Has she retired from modelling?

  4. surat

    im curious about chinese models who take a nude photo shot , is she a porn star ? isnt offensive in chinese culture ? i didnt see korean models like this !

    • Anonymous

      I would say Chinese society is more open than Korea’s in a way, at least in the modelling industry. although fully nudity is illegal in China, many models do half nude photo shoots. a lot of Chinese also appreciate nude arts. so they may look at modelling as a form of art (at least more than how Koreans look at it). nudity may seem offensive to the older generations in China, the opinion of young people is a different story. by the way, Li Yang Zi is not a porn star. Porn stars don’t exist in China because pornography is illegal there. so now you see, not everyone who takes half nude photoshoots are porn stars. Li Yang Zi is not only a model, she is also an actress, not AV actress, but normal actress who appears in TV dramas and films.

  5. GrunT

    I realize that since China has a massive population, newer models have to shoot nudes/partial nudes in order to stand out from the crowd but does that also mean a lot of these models are abused or sexually harassed early in their career ?

    • Anonymous

      you’re right about wanting to stand out and get more famous and popular. cases of being harassed happen everywhere, not only in asian countries, I think this is minority percentage though. but we never really know what’s really happening behind the camera.

      • GrunT

        true, behind these pictures we love, there’s a whole another dark and sad side.

        • Anonymous

          i dont think its that sad. most of these girls love being filmed and taken pictures of. girls just naturally love attention like cats. im sure most models enjoy what theyre doing.

  6. Cm goth

    kinda remind me of max collins

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