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29 Jun ’13

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Redflava Donation page:

Recently we’ve had difficulties with the finance of the website. It does take a lot of time to sort out posts and download packs, and our current strategy doesn’t seem to be working well for how much time is spent and how much we get back.

It would be ideal to have Google Adsense or some reasonable alternative that someone could recommend to us, but for their own reasons Google won’t allow it on our website, even though they allow it on many model photo blogs with just as provocative photos.

We’re also thinking about changing the adfly links in our download packs since they don’t work for some of you, but alternatives like linkbucks don’t work for MediaFire and others like taggify still hasn’t responded to us about signing up.

Any financial help will be greatly appreciated and go far into helping us keep the website up and running. If anyone has any tips for adverts or new content they’d like to see, please comment below or email us using this contact form: We want to improve Red Flava as much as possible, hopefully with your help, we can improve faster.

Red Flava will be updated again sometime next week. Here are some of our upcoming articles:

  • Top Models of the Month
  • Asian Music/Movie Charts
  • Hot Picks of the Week
  • Korean Event Photos
  • Comeback Sets of popular models (Jin Mei Xin, Han Zi Xuan, Zhang Xin Yu, Lee Eun Hye, Lee Ji Woo, Choi Byul I, Anri Sugihara, Mikie Hara, etc)
  • Profiles of New Models 

Thank you all for your support and wait for us to come back! – Nia & Flava

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Written by: Nia

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Nia, Redflava Writer.


  1. K

    i love redflava!

  2. david

    Thanks for putting so much time into this websiteeeee.

  3. Anonymous

    who is the young lady in the photo?

  4. 1a2a3a

    whos the lady in this photo

  5. dude

    hi just wondering how much it cost to run a website like this per month?

  6. Anonymous

    I would love to help , but i dont have any money cuz i havent worked yet. Anyway , who is the girl in the pic ?

  7. Phillip

    Love u guys

  8. vanjokoozie

    I already message you, but I think it was read as spam because of the links I put. I’m not sure if you already seen it. Anyways, I’m gonna comment again! LOL!

    Why don’t you try using “infolinks” on your site? As I read before, it was one of the best Google adsense alternatives out there. If you want to know more about it just open the link below (just replace the “dots” and remove spaces).

    infolinks (dot) com / publishers

    I think the most used services are the insearch and the intext.

    I think it can also help if you change your comment box into “DISQUS”. They have this new CPC(cost per click) system which the advertiser will pay you once a visitor will click on the external links under the category of “RECOMMENDED FOR YOU”. Open the link below to know more about it.

    help (dot) disqus (dot) com / customer / portal / articles / 666278

    I hope this helps!

  9. wellitsjustmy2cents

    for my taste not enough japanese model posts (1 in the last 7 pages…)

    • Nia

      That is true, because the new photo shoots of our featured Japanese models haven’t been released yet. We’ve been waiting for them as well. :)

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