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19 Jul ’13

Funny Flava – Our New Sister Site

Recently we’ve just published our new website, Funny Flava. You can find all the crazy, funny, cute pictures that are being shared and discussed in Asia there. Pictures you probably don’t see so soon on Western media sites because of the language barrier and therefore split in the different online communities that exist.

Visit Funny Flava in this link:

New content will be uploaded daily, so bookmark the site and check it out every now and again for laughs and giggles. Any recommendations or suggestions are greatly appreciated, as Funny Flava’s success is automatically Redflava’s success essentially, and helps support us so that we can keep updating new content.

Here is 10 funny examples of some of the first images we’ve uploaded.

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Written by: Flava

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Flava, Redflava writer.


  1. Domme019

    i like the new site, but the girls should be only on redflava :)

  2. Bennie

    I can only imagine how many gallons of pee is in that water. :P

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