8 Dec ’13

Arisa – New Japanese Idol From Fukuoka

Arisa 亜里沙 (aka Alisa) is a hot and rising gravure idol from Fukuoka, Japan. Arisa was born on March 2nd, 1989. As a comparatively new idol, Arisa has started to release photo album books and DVDs since the middle of 2012. So far Arisa has already posed for quite a few Japanese magazines including Young MagazineEN TAME, EX大衆, Young, DGC and Weekly Playboy, etc.

In Arisa’s first Red Flava article, we’re sharing with you a magazine photo pack which consists of 158 hot pictures of the new idol. Apart from most of the magazine shoots Arisa has done, we’ve included some event shots and real-life snapshots as well. We hope you’ll like newly-featured Japanese idol Arisa and her first picture pack!

Download the full set below!

Download Mirror 1 (Free Pictures of Asian Models)
(73.04 MB, 158 pictures)
(This post contains only a selection of the set, the full set is in this zip file, in their original size.) Click Skip Ad at the top right to get to the download.

Download Mirror 2 | Download Mirror 3

Arisa’s Red Flava links: Articles Profile

Arisa’s Statistics

Other Name(s): Alisa
Origin: Fukuoka, Japan
Born: March 2, 1989
Height: 156cm
Measurements: 33F-23-33
Blood Type: O
Occupation: gravure idol

Anna Konno (right)

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  1. ue

    so hot i like her

  2. Rathanor

    Wasnt she already featured ago? I think i saw her some months ago here.. Or maybe she was only featured with another model.

  3. Deathrealm

    On a majority of the pictures say Alisa and some say Arisa, so which is it?

    • Nia

      I think most, if not all, Japanese pronounce R as L, which has influenced the way they spell words. But the correct one is Arisa. Most of her DVD releases have referred to her that way, and her Japanese Wikipedia page explains it:

      • Rathanor

        I think the right one Miss Nia is Alisa. Because theres no L in Japanese Hiragana and they pronounce L with an R

        • Nia

          Really? All I know is that a lot of Asians can’t pronounce the letter R, including Japanese, Korean and Chinese. If you listen to a Japanese or Korean song in which they sing with a R, you can tell it sounds like L or something in between.

        • Kodoy

          What i know is they switch how they pronounce R like L and vice versa. Just my perception after watching some j-anime and dorama though

        • Rathanor

          My Japanese teacher said so lol so i was just quoting her. And there really is no L row in hiragana and katakana.

        • Nia

          A Youtube video says it’s between L, R and D:

      • Bunny

        To me it’s always sounded like a plain “R” sound and never like an “L”… of course my mother language is Spanish and we have the “Roman/Latin” pronounciation, and English “R” sounds very different :x

  4. Anonymous

    Nice set, and being friends with Anna konno is a bonus! Looking forward to many beautiful photos with these girls.

  5. Anonymous

    WOW she’s amazing

  6. lover

    well, she has the looks I’ll give you that. At least she doesn’t rely too much on her boobs.

  7. r

    face looks a bit like Yoko Kumada

  8. Col.

    She’s a definite beauty. I recall her from recent picture set w Anna K which were extremely hot. Arias looks amaziing in general and love the fact that she smiles in many pictures. Looking forward to more sets from her!

  9. syke

    Some her poses make want to grow a woody.♥

  10. william

    wow too cute

  11. Kodoy

    Just when I wonder when she’s going featured, and there you go Nia :)

    Minimum make-up and (maybe) surgery free girls like this are always succeeded on brightening my days :D

    • imperium

      @kodoy: are you sure that she didn’t have a surgery?
      how about her “quite oversize” boobs? :p

      • Kodoy

        I’m talking about face here mate :D
        Don’t have any issue here with bust alteration :p

        • imperium

          lol ….
          I’m agree that most jap model relatively having
          “natural face” without any over make up.
          It’s so different with chinese model who mostly
          using heavy make up.

    • Brian

      you’d be surprised at how many of these gravure idols are actually natural. nicely endowed lol

  12. Gwen Kaye

    She’s amazing!!! Cute as well as sexy! :O xD

  13. Malamalajunk

    Is she a porn star? I haven’t seen any of her videos yet?

  14. Anonymous


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