13 Dec ’13

RF’s Most Popular Korean Models 2013

Red Flava’s Most Popular Korean Models 2013:

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Following up on our Top 10 list of Chinese models, here is Red Flava’s Top 10 Most Popular Korean Models featured on our site in 2013. We have selected five recent pictures of each of our Top 10 Korean models, which will give you an idea of what these models have been up to this year. The models’ Red Flava pages are also included for those interested in finding out more about them.

As mentioned in our previous Top 10 post, we rank our featured models according to the results of Google searches, Facebook likes, comments, and the models’ activities during that year. If you’d like to take a look at our previous lists of 2011 and 2012, you can go to this link and search for the related articles.

This year, Heo Yun Mi 허윤미 has again topped our chart with her irresistible charm and beauty. Following right after Heo Yun Mi are Im Ji Hye 임지혜 and Ryu Ji Hye 류지혜, who have taken the second and third places respectively. Our Top 10 chart of Korean models are as follows:

1. Heo Yun Mi 허윤미
2. Im Ji Hye 임지혜
3. Ryu Ji Hye 류지혜
4. Cha Sun Hwa 차선화
5. Lee Eun Hye 이은혜
6. Kim Ha Yul 김하율
7. Hwang Mi Hee 황미희
8. Park Si Hyun 박시현
9. Ju Da Ha 주다하
10. Lee Ji Min 이지민

No. 1. Heo Yun Mi

Heo Yun Mi’s Red Flava links: Articles Profile

No. 2. Im Ji Hye

Im Ji Hye’s Red Flava links: Articles Profile

No. 3. Ryu Ji Hye

Ryu Ji Hye’s Red Flava links: Articles Profile

4. Cha Sun Hwa

Cha Sun Hwa’s Red Flava links: Articles Profile

5. Lee Eun Hye

Lee Eun Hye’s Red Flava links: Articles Profile

6. Kim Ha Yul

Kim Ha Yul’s Red Flava links: Articles Profile

7. Hwang Mi Hee

Hwang Mi Hee’s Red Flava links: Articles Profile

8. Park Si Hyun

Park Si Hyun’s Red Flava links: Articles Profile

9. Ju Da Ha

Ju Da Ha’s Red Flava links: Articles Profile

10. Lee Ji Min

Lee Ji Min’s Red Flava links: Articles Profile

Whose pictures would you like to see more of in 2014?

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  1. bangbang

    so many pretty girls

  2. xoxo

    Yes.heo yun mi num one again~~~lee eun hye should get higher place^^

  3. Anonymous

    I am disappointed eun bin yang did not place;Being my favorite afterall. Hope she gets noticed next year?

  4. napoleonic

    uhm so this is based on random google hits? son you disappoint me. :p

    • Nia

      As it says in the article, “we rank our featured models according to the results of Google searches, Facebook likes, comments, and the models’ activities during that year.”

  5. Chris

    nice ranking the top 4 girls are all my favorites

  6. K-TOP

    Korean r much more stunning than the japanese RF’s top 10 although they all look similar XD

    • jam

      while plastic surgery is one of the contributing factors, I can understand why you think they look similar (big eyes, sharp nose, small lips, etc, all look gorgeous). but to me, they look So different and I can instantly tell who is who. is it weird?

    • Nia

      Plastic surgery aside, could it be because they apply similar makeup or photo editing skills?

  7. Pat

    This list is whack, Cha Sun Hwa and Ru Ji Hye both don’t deserve to be in top 5. We all know everyone has some work done, it’s just a matter of who looks more “natural”, in my opinion, Eun Bin Yang, like someone who previously said should be on this list, Ju Da Ha no doubt should be in top 5. I’ve seen some older pictures of Ju Da Ha and Eun Bin Yang on a korean blog, they look pretty “original”, very little changes from back then.

    • K

      what? Cha Sun Hwa and Ru Ji Hye don’t deserve to be in top 5? you have to know, this is not a list of plastic surgery ranking! it’s also not a list of who look more natural! you should read the article before you judge. everyone has their own opinion, one article can not please every person. whoever complains in the comment section hasn’t read the ranking criteria. rather than complainning here, maybe should make your own chart if you have a website. surgery or not, both Cha Sun Hwa and Ru Ji Hye are very popular in their country and have their own fan base. just because you are not their fan, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be on the top. that they’re popular is a fact.

    • Ulfric

      based on what you could say they don’t deserve? your criteria? we don’t need your judgement..
      The title is very clear: “the most popular” not “who looks more natural”

      oh, next time before you post your comment, please read the title first, thanks

  8. xx

    from what i understand, this ranking list is the most popular korean models on red flava website. so keep calm, people. of course you will support your favourite. my favourites are lee eun hye and kim ha yul. wish they will continue to be popular. ^_^

  9. TheFamilyCat

    Heo Yun Mi, any hairstyle any dress BAM !

  10. Seta

    Harem of babes!

  11. kyfan

    Nose bleed, tks nia

  12. slaywee

    Heo Yun Mi has always the no.1 korean model
    she is a real Queen of Beauty
    and she is my favorrite

    i wish to see Lee Eun Hye to reach no.2

  13. steve


  14. Anonymous

    ill like to see em naked

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