20 Oct ’13

Asian Music Charts – Sep And Oct 2013

What we’re missing are the September and October charts of Asian pop music, 2013. Are you ready to see which popular songs and their MVs are in our list this time? Here is our Top 16 Singles for September and October 2013. We’ll not only listen to some of the most popular Mandarin songs from Jolin TsaiRainie Yang and By2, we’ll also enjoy the successful comebacks of many South Korean groups such as T-ara, KaraNine Muses, SHINee, Block B and Btob, etc.

Which song or music video is your favorite this September and October? Do you like the sixties theme in Nine Muses’s “Gun”? Or the horror-themed video of Btob’s “Thriller”? The songs in this list are just among some of my favorites, and the more you listen to a song, the more it grows on you. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of these new music videos!


Korea About Red Flava  Popular Asian Songs

No. 1. T-ara – Number Nine

No. 2. E-girls – Gomenasai no Kissing You

No. 3. Rainie Yang – Kidnapped by Myself

No. 4. By2 – No Reason

No. 5. G-Dragon – Crooked

No. 6. Kara – Damaged Lady

No. 7. Jolin Tsai – Journey

No. 8. Btob – Thriller

No. 9. Girls’ Generation – Galaxy Supernova

No. 10. C-ute – Living Alone in The City

No. 11. Block B – Very Good

No. 12. Nine Muses – Gun

No. 13. SHINee – Everybody

No. 14. Popu Lady – Love Bomb

No. 15. AOA – Confused

No. 16. Bangtan Boys – N.O

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  1. ue

    tara and kara =)

  2. Jim

    I really like these bands, but you are missing out on a great market here in Germany because “GEMA” is blocking all most of the videos. How can you sell music when we in Germany can’t see the videos?


  3. Domme019

    T-ara – Number 9
    By2 – No Reason
    Kara – Damaged Lady

  4. Anonymous

    If you’re having trouble viewing any kind of content that’s being blocked, try this:

    • Jim

      Does anyone know if this site will help someone inside mainland China to see FaceBook? I have a girlfriend living north of Hong Kong and I would like her to be able to see my FB account.



      • Nia

        You can try a Proxy, or use a VPN, but if she lives in Hong Kong, she can access Facebook.

        • Jim

          She lives in Shenzhen, so I’m guessing she’s blocked. I know that FB is a huge time-waster. But I don’t see why the Chinese government blocks it.

      • Nia

        Have you heard of Renren? It’s the Chinese version of Facebook.

        • Jim

          No, I’ll look it up. BUT if its only Chinese I would have a problem. I only read English and German. I’ll look for it, Thanks!

  5. Jim

    HI all, I tried the immunicity and it works great for youtube, but not when you’re on another site with links to youtube. Or at least I’ve not got it to work yet. BUT its still great. I can look up the videos on the youtube site and see it there. So I am a happy camper!



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