5 Dec ’13

Asian Music Charts – Nov And Dec 2013

What’s coming up next on Red Flava? It’s our Top Asian Music Charts for November and December 2013. We mainly rate the popularity of Chinese, Korean and Japanese songs, occasionally English songs sung by Asian artists. Whose comeback would you like to see towards the end of 2013?

In this pop music list, we’ve included several girl groups, boy bands and solo artists. They are Miss A, EXOT-ara, SKE48, Show LuoNine Muses, Angela AnDAIGO2NE1Lunar, VIXX, Tasty, Li Wei Feng and Taeyang, etc. If you have a favorite song here or music video, don’t hesitate to let us know! Enjoy the music, everyone!

Korea About Red Flava  Popular Asian Songs

No. 1. Miss A – Hush

No. 2. SKE48 – Sansei Kawaii

No. 3. Show Luo – Dance Soul Returns

No. 4. Nine Muses – Glue

No. 5. EXO – Miracles in December

Korean ver.

Chinese ver.

No. 6. Hyolyn – One Way Love

No. 7. Angela An – Crazy Love

No. 8. T-ara – Do You Know Me?

No. 9. Tasty – Day n’ Night

No. 10. Hebe Tien – You Better Not Think About Me

No. 11. History – What Am I To You

No. 12. DAIGO – Butterfly

No. 13. 2NE1 – Missing You

No. 14. Li Wei Feng – Let Me Love You

No. 15. JIN – Gone

No. 16. M.I.B – Let’s Talk About You

No. 17. Taeyang – Ringa Linga

No. 18. Lunar – Zhan Ge

No. 19. VIXX – Voodoo Doll

No. 20. 100% V – Missing You

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  1. BTLF

    love this list! thanks rf!

  2. Gwen Kaye

    I’m in love with “Hush” and being a die-hard Blackjack/YG-fan I also LOVEEEEEEEEEEE “Missing You” and “Ringa Linga”
    Hyolyn’s hit is great too, and I can’t wait to hear 9Muses single(haven’t watched it yet)

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