15 May ’13

Asian Music Chart – May 2013 [3]

Korea About Red Flava  Popular Asian Songs

No. 1. 9Muses – Wild

No. 2. SNH48 – Heavy Rotation

No. 3. May J. – Precious

No. 4. Lee Hyori – Miss Korea

No. 5. Hello Venus – Would You Stay For Tea?

No. 6. Jang Geun Suk – Nature Boy/Indian Summer

No. 7. 2PM – Comeback When You Hear This Song

No. 8. Vivi Jiang – Crazy

No. 9. WonderBoyz – Tarzan

No. 10. LC9 – MaMa Beat (feat. Gain)

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Written by: Nia
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  1. euaj

    really nice songs

  2. vanjokoozie

    Yeah! Nine Muses is the best!

  3. Bennie

    I hope nobody takes this the wrong way but is Jang Geun Suk gay? He comes off as VERY feminine.

    • Nia

      Haha, he’s not. He is a very popular Korean actor. I started to like him after watching TV series You’re Beautiful 미남이시네요. You can check out the first episode and see what you think. :D

  4. Bennie

    ^ ^
    You’re right :D

  5. Bennie

    ^ ^
    Seriously, their completely hooked! After you mentioned the show I Googled the name and found a website that streams it, DramaFever. First I was watching it on my phone then a few people (nosy people lol) wanted to know what I was watching so they started watching.

    Everyone was so busy trying to watch the show on my phone they were ignoring customers. Eventually we just decided to put the show up on the store’s internet tv.

  6. Bennie

    Collectively everyone thinks Tae Kyung is a douchebag especially when he tossed Mi Nyu’s ring but I think everyone is starting to like him a little more each episode. All the girls are swooning over Shin Woo (barf xP) and really pissed at Mi Nyu for not hooking up with him already.

    • Nia

      Same here, grew to like him. It gets even better later on!!! Everyone on the Internet loves Shin-woo, they say watch Heartstrings, and you won’t feel so bad for him anymore. (shouldn’t have told you so much :P)

  7. Bennie

    Do Korean girls like mean guys?

    • Nia

      The cutest question I have been asked this year! I don’t know why, it makes me laugh. :D

      Well, it really depends. He might be mean, but he can be attractive in other ways?

      What do you think?

  8. Bennie

    ^ ^
    I watched the first episode of Heartstrings last night. I was epicly ripped on by my younger brother for watching “soap operas” when I told him it was a romantic comedy he just laughed more >:(

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