16 Mar ’13

Asian Movie Chart – March 2013

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No. 1. How to Use Guys with Secret Tips

Other Name(s): Male Instruction Manual

Revised romanization: Namja Sayongseolmyungseo

Hangul: 남자 사용설명서

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

Director: Lee Won Suk

Starring: Lee Si Young, Oh Jung Se

Release: 2013-02-14

Plot: Assistant TV commercial director Choi Bo Na (Lee Si Young) is tasked with doing anything and everything at work. Due to working so many hours, her appearance is always a complete mess. Choi Bo Na also hasn’t dated in years. One day, her company shoots a commercial on location at the beach. Famous actor Lee Seung Jae (Oh Jung Se) appears for the filming, but he immediately complains about the height of the woman he is shooting the commercial with.


Source: Asianwiki

No. 2. New World

Police Officer Ja Sung (Lee Jung Jae) is selected to work undercover for the National Police Agency. He joins the powerful crime organization “Goldmoon” and eventually becomes the right hand man of the #2 guy Jung Chung (Hwang Jung Min) in the crime group.

No. 3. The Brain Man (aka No Otoko)

In a small town in Japan, a series of seemingly random explosion cases occur. Ichiro Suzuki, known as “Brain Man”, is fingered as an accomplice. Midorikawa works on the explosion case. This mysterious man known as “Brain Man” has an outstanding memory, high intelligence and a perfect body, but doesn’t seem to have human emotions.

No. 4. Scandals (aka Scratch More Itch More)

No. 5. The Gifted Hands (aka Psychometry)

Yang Choon Dong (Kim Kang Woo) is a detective who rarely gets results. One day, a woman comes to the police station and reports her daughter is missing. The other detectives don’t take her case seriously, but Yang Choon Dong believes it could be a real kidnapping case.

No. 6. Fall In Love (aka Ai Shen)

No. 7. Very Ordinary Couple

A couple who work at the same bank go through a cycle of secretly dating each other and then breaking up.

No. 8. Love Deposit (aka Ai Qing YIn Hang)

No. 9. The Berlin File

South Korean NIS agent Jung Jin Soo (Han Suk Kyu) and his team stake out the Grand Westin Hotel in Berlin, Germany. They watch as an illegal weapons deal is about to take place between a Middle Eastern buyer, an unidentified North Korean seller and a Russian broker.

No. 10. Miracle in Cell No.7 (aka Number 7 Room’s Gift)

A father (Ryoo Seung Ryong), who is mentally handicapped, but loves his daughter very much, is falsely accused of a crime and sent to prison. Later, his daughter Ye Seung (Park Shin Hye), who is a law school student, works to prove his innocence.

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