13 Jul ’13

How Old Is She? Can You Guess?

How old is this woman? Can you guess? Scroll down the page and you’ll find the answer. Now guess!

So what is your answer? This woman is Jung Da Yeon from South Korea. Jung Da Yeon is 46 years old and has two children. Jung Da Yeon became famous a few years ago after losing 44 lbs (20 kg) through diet and exercise in 2003. Did you guess correctly? And do you still remember a similar article we posted before called “Masako Mizutani – A 43-Year-Old Japanese Woman Who Looks Half Her Age”? You can read more here.

Below are before and after images of Jung Da Yeon. Have a look!

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Written by: Nia
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  1. wellitsjustmy2cents

    and dont forget the plastic surgery^^

  2. syke

    With a bod like that who cares.

  3. Rathanor

    Saw her ages ago.. Shes really disciplined on her training regimen and really good.. I dont think she had surgery cause that would ruin her career. And shes hot.. Doesnt look like 50 lol

  4. Deux

    GREAT plastic surgery, that face looks completly fake for an oriental woman!, North korea and South korea has the same people, but the different is obvious, one country doesn’t has money for the surgeries and the other is full of plastic surgery boys and girls, totally fake…I’ll pass.

    • aaliizwell

      You came to the wrong neighborhood kid. This is not the place to vow your judgement. Go somewhere else!

      • Rathanor

        Rightly said aaliizwell. She just have makeup on. Ive seen personally what make up do to faces. NK doesnt give a rat’s ass about cosmetics thats why they look gloomier.

  5. napoleonic

    I knew she is well beyond 40, some of the faces tell it.

  6. Col.

    Congratulations to her! She accomplished something great for herself and looks awesome. I would like to see more ;)

  7. Hot Girl

    Woah, cant really tell that was how she looked before… Totally aunty and now she’s a bomb!

  8. NovaW0lf

    All day. ‘Er day…..she’d get it.

  9. David

    I’d have guessed 28, until I got to the facial closeups, then maybe 35.
    She looks fantastic for 46!!! :-)

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