13 Jun ’13

Korea Autocamping Show 2013 Event

The 2013 Korea Autocamping Show (KAS) began last week featuring Korean race queens and models Eun Bin Yang 은빈양, Han Ga Eun 한가은, Shin Se Ha 신세하, Lee Hyo Young 이효영 and Jo In Young 조인영. Just like many other popular Korean events such as the Korea International Boat Show and the World IT Show, KAS has attracted a large audience and many photographers as usual. You’ll have an idea of what the event is like in the following pictures.

Are you wondering why other famous Korean race queens didn’t attend KAS? Where are fabulous Kim Ha YulLee Ji WooHeo Yun MiLee Eun Hye and Lee Ji Min? They are most likely attending other national events or doing new studio and outdoor shoots at the moment. So stay tuned for more photos of Korean models if you like any of the names mentioned in this post!

Download the full set below!

Download Mirror 1 (Free Pictures of Asian Models)
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Download Mirror 2 | Download Mirror 3

Click here for more Korean Race Queens

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  1. Bennie

    YES! Thanks for finding these awesome new pictures! I’ve been looking forward to seeing more from Lee Hyo Young ;D

  2. Rathanor

    That girl wearing the jumper looks beautiful.. Oh and a shoot without photoshop.. Natural

    • Bennie

      Are the photos photoshopped? I’ve wondered that myself. I figured they were to some extent.

      • Nia

        Yeah, just a little bit maybe?

        • Bennie

          When Korean models do photo shoots (studio, outdoor etc.), how do they make money from the photos? I know some Asian models sell photo books of their images, do Korean models also do this?

      • Nia

        That is another good question. I thought about it too. I guess race queens can make money from attending events and auto shows. Maybe they also make money from their websites? If they do TV commercials or photo shoots for magazines, they will definitely get paid.

        • Bennie

          Race queens have their own websites? When you say “website” do you mean blogs or actual websites dedicated to the models?

      • Nia

        They could have websites, but I have no idea. Yes, I mean blogs too, although it’s unlikely to make money from blogs. Do you think the photographers pay them or vice versa?

        • Bennie

          The whole Korean entertainment industry seems very different compared to western countries like America, Canada or the U.K. In my experience usually photographers will pay models to participate in photo shoots, have the models sign release forms, then use the images to make a profit. The photographer who owns the images can choose to sell them in any number of ways from creating magazines, photo books, posters, calendars to selling access to the images via a website.

        • Bennie

          Some models also do this (particularly nude and glamor models). In that case the model pays the photographer and the model owns the images. With race queens I see that they take a lot of photos both at events and alone but aside from events, I don’t see how their photos make money. I haven’t been able to find any magazines, photo books, posters, calendars or websites on any of the race queens.

      • Nia

        I totally agree. I’ve noticed that some Korean race queens appeared on TV variety shows, and some others were being interviewed for attending auto/racing events. They could have even opened their own shops just like some Korean singers and actresses. What I’m trying to say is there must be other ways for them to earn money. Right?

        • Bennie

          Definitely, there may be factors we’re not seeing. I found a Korean photography website called Gentleman Photo that is very similar to the image “paysite” business model I mentioned earlier. I’m not sure if you have to actually pay to access the site but I suppose another possible way to create revenue is through website traffic and ads.

  3. syke

    Nothing like a sexy woman to get you in the mood for a new car.

  4. chris

    who are the 4th 6th and 7th pictures from the top Nia? Thanks!

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