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11 Jul ’13

Sexiest CJ Miles Shake! (Video)

This video from Red Flava Facebook became very popular, so I thought I’d share with you on our blog as well. Have you heard of CJ Miles? We posted a picture of her in our last Weekly Hot Picks post, which is the one you see in this article. CJ Miles is currently based in Los Angeles, USA, but her ethnicity is Philippina.

Since CJ Miles is so popular, we’ll surely share more photos of her with you in the future. Maybe we’ll make a profile post for her as well. In this video, hot model CJ Miles is dancing to Rihanna‘s “Birthday Cake” (ft. Chris Brown). Let us know if you like what you’re seeing here, and of course, we’ll share more videos with you soon. Enjoy checking it out!

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Written by: Nia
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  1. Nellui

    sexy indeed

  2. Deathrealm

    ooo that last nipple flash!

  3. redville

    the video has been removed by facebook :( other link maybe?

  4. crafter

    the video has been removed

  5. JhonKei

    Can’t watch :(, other link please…

  6. Hui

    wow!!! I like that….

  7. marc

    I don’t see any link(s) to watch her video. Is it removed or moved?

  8. Swati singh

    Ad me

  9. Harry

    After the video, Youtube recommended this video of Kim Ha Yul – Damn she’s hot!

  10. syxsix

    she’s pretty just not into “FAKE BOOBS”

  11. PlausibleTime

    Video is deleted again

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