13 Mar ’13

See What Our Top Models Are Posting

It’s time for a fun article! Do you ever wonder what our featured models are posting on their Twitter, Sina Weibo, cafe and blog? Here are some selected photos from our most popular Asian models featured on redflava.com. Have a look before you start your day/evening! ^-^

Shi Zi Jia

Source: Shi Zi Jia’s Weibo

Kim Ha Yul

Source: Kim Ha Yul’s Twitter

Han Zi Xuan

Source: Han Zi Xuan’s Weibo

Anri Sugihara

Source: Anri Sugihara’s Blog

Aya Kiguchi

Source: Aya Kiguchi’s Blog

Lena Fujii

Source: Lena Fujii’s Blog

Cha Sun Hwa

Source: Cha Sun Hwa’s Cafe


Source: Angelababy’s Weibo

Zhou Wei Tong

Source: Zhou Wei Tong’s Weibo

Sola Aoi

Source: Sola Aoi’s Weibo & Twitter

Li Ying Zhi

Source: Li Ying Zhi’s Weibo

Yang Qi Han

Source: Yang Qi Han’s Weibo

Zhang Wan You

Source: Zhang Wan You’s Weibo

Lin Ke Tong

Source: Lin Ke Tong’s Weibo

Xu Qian Er

Source: Xu Qian Er’s Weibo

Jin Mei Xin

Source: Jin Mei Xin’s Weibo

Do you like what you’re seeing so far? Would you like to see more?

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  1. ue

    shi zi jia is so cute!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Nozomi Sasaki also posts some pics on facebook and twiter

  3. Jeff

    About half of these are guys.

    • JT

      I agree Jeff. It’s hard to tell which one is the real female among these pics. The 3rd, 5th, 6th and 11th pics are definitely a dude. The rest MAY be girls. Just don’t know anymore.

  4. Big D

    But, why no links to their Twitters etc.?? :)

  5. cikan

    please update more about zhang wan you. long to see her..

  6. Anonymous

    can you post more pics of Lin Ke Tong

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