26 Mar ’13

What Our Top Models Are Posting 2

Are you ready for a second round of model tweets? So what are our featured Asian models posting on their blog, cafe, Twitter and Weibo? To give you an idea, here are some more photos from the most popular Asian models featured on redflava.com (e.g. Heo Yun MiNozomi SasakiMai NishidaLi Meng Tian, etc). Feel free to scroll down this page and leave comments below.

Nozomi Sasaki

Source: Nozomi Sasaki’s blog

Heo Yun Mi

Source: Heo Yun Mi’s cafe

Chrissie Chau

Source: Chrissie Chau’s Weibo

Hwang Mi Hee

Source: Hwang Mi Hee’s cafe

Li Meng Tian

Source: Li Meng Tian’s Weibo

Anna Konno

Source: Anna Konno’s blog & Twitter

Zhang Xin Yu

Source: Zhang Xin Yu’s Weibo

Ai Shinozaki

Source: AeLL’s blog

Zhang Wan You

Source: Zhang Wan You’s Weibo

Mai Nishida

Source: Mai Nishida’s blog

Who do you want to see here next time?

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  1. khybabe

    Nozomi Sasaki!!!!!

  2. zomisaki

    nozomi sasaki is the best!!!

  3. Ray

    nozomi sasaki is awesome

  4. J

    Ai shinozaki all the way <3333

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