28 Oct ’13

Trouble Maker Releases Sexy MV “Now”

South Korean duo Trouble Maker has made their comeback this October and released new music video for “Now” (“There Is No Tomorrow”) 내일은 없어. This new MV has so far received a lot of attention due to the sexual chemistry between the two members, Hyuna and Hyunseung, who are members of the Korean groups 4Minute and Beast respectively. (You may know Hyuna from PSY’s “Gangnam Style”)

Trouble Maker was formed by Cube Entertainment in 2011. This sub-group is known for their sexually suggestive choreography, and their successful single “Trouble Maker”, which was released in December that year. We’ve included Trouble Maker’s latest music video “Now” below, along with more concept pictures of the song. I quite enjoyed both the song and the video. Unlike many other Korean MVs, this one has a rather bold and sexually provoking concept and has surprised a lot of fans and K-pop supporters.

What do you think of these sexy concept pictures of “Now”? And let us know too if you like Trouble Maker’s new single “Now” in the comment box below!

Trouble Maker’s “Now” MV:

More concept pictures of Trouble Maker’s “Now”:

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  1. K

    sexiest video i’ve seen.

  2. slide

    WOW looks like 2 sisters that hangout together. really good they are have a good relationship :wink

  3. Domme019

    Hyuna looks good with short hairs!
    And a very good song!
    Thanks for the post Nia :)

  4. ilham

    kampang lo yah itu cewe gua woyyyyyyyyyyyy

  5. deldi

    ihhhhh mau sihhh kya gituuuu

  6. V

    A Real trouble maker!!!! =D

  7. wow wow

    i never like girls with short hair

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