10 Apr ’13

The Most Handsome And Beautiful Idols

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny and EXO-M‎’s Luhan have been voted the most handsome female celebrity and the most beautiful male celebrity on South Korean community portal site DC Inside 디시인사이드. According to a recent poll by DC Inside asking netizens “Which female celebrity is both pretty and handsome”, Sunny (aka Lee Soon Kyu 이순규) topped the list with 16.3% of the votes, followed by another Girls’ Generation member Yuri (aka Kwon Yuri) and Miss A‘s Suzy (aka Bae Su Ji). As for the most beautiful male idol, EXO’s Chinese member Luhan 鹿晗 has received the most votes among other fellow idols.

We’ll share with you more recent pictures, music videos and related links of the idols mentioned above in this article. Feel free to check them out and leave your thoughts/comments below.

Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation’s Latest MV “I Got A Boy”:

Girls’ Generation’s Latest MV “Dancing Queen”:

Girls’ Generation – “I Got A Boy” Live Performance:

Girls’ Generation – Dancing Queen” Live Performance:

Girls’ Generation’s Related Links:


EXO-M’s Latest MV “Mama”:

EXO-M’s Latest MV “History”:

EXO  “Mama” Live Performance:

EXO  “History” Live Performance:

EXO-M’s Related Links:

More photos of Sunny from Girls’ Generation:

More photos of Luhan from EXO-M‎:

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    love this post!

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    I support both GG and EXO! :D

  3. syke

    GG #1 in my book always.

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