19 Aug ’13

Hot Korean Baseball Girls Gifs And Pics

A commonplace event in South Korea is for a celebrity to pitch the first pitch at a baseball game. This is both to provide some extra entertainment for the viewers and also to help spread the popularity of said celebrity. In recent years, the idol status of Korean celebrities has become a bigger phenomenon and so the first pitch of a baseball game has become a bigger showcase for hot and popular celebrities to take part in and impress viewers. Celebrities usually fall into two categories, someone who has a sexy image, doing a very sexy first pitch, or someone with a cute image, doing a very girly throw and missing entirely. Both types are quite fun to watch and so here is a post to showcase some of the hot Korean baseball girls that have pitched so far.

Let’s have a look at Girls’ Generation members’ pitches from Jessica and Tiffany. We also have Korean rhythmic gymnast Shin Soo Ji‘s pitch and Tammy‘s pitch, followed by more photos of hot Korean baseball girls (Girls’ Generation, Hwang Mi Hee and Han Ga Eun, etc). Tell us what you think!

And more!

More photos of hot Korean baseball girls:

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  1. K

    jessica and tiffany are very cute. ;)

  2. Bennie

    Jessica and Tiffany look stupid. No one’s saying they need to throw like Jeter but at least look like your trying. The two chicks doing the flips, they look cool, cool and sexy! ;D

  3. Rathanor

    Lol as Bennie said, some of them do look silly

    • Bennie

      Nothing against Jessica and Tiffany, they look like hot girls (at least the parts of them I can see). I just find it annoying when some girls do the girly airhead thing, it makes them look immature.

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