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25 Aug ’13

Zong Yi Pu Complete Picture Pack

It’s a complete picture pack for Chinese model Zong Yi Pu 宗弋莆 in this article. You might not have heard of this girl before, Zong Yi Pu is a relatively new fashion model and Internet celebrity from Dalian, Liaoning Province, Northeast China. Zong Yi Pu was born on November 18th, 1990, and she is also known by her nickname Xiao Pu 小莆.

Take a look at these selected photos here and see if you like Chinese babe Zong Yi Pu. If you do, feel free to find out more about Zong Yi Pu in the following related links, or download the full pack below. Happy viewing as always, everyone!

Download the full set below!

Download Mirror 1 (Free Pictures of Asian Models)
(13.52 MB, 58 pictures)
(This post contains only a selection of the set, the full set is in this zip file.) Click Skip Ad at the top right to get to the download.

Download Mirror 2 | Download Mirror 3

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  1. jam

    she looks so different in different photos
    but still very cute and sexy looks

  2. Rathanor

    I love her eyes which looks like its says “catch me if you can” lol

    • Nia

      You’re right.

      • Bennie

        Have you ever noticed that whenever a Chinese model says their mixed they always seem to be only 1/4 mixed? Shi Yi Ke, Winnie, Angelababy, Zheng Yi Fei, Yuan Ying Fen, Lin Xiao Nuo, Lan Yan, Li Jia Hui, all strangely only a quarter mixed. I only know of one Chinese model who admits to being half mixed and that’s Meng Lu.

        • Nia

          Yeah, that’s true, and strange. But that’s the fact, maybe the ones who are half mixed are just not featured on our site. They might look too “exotic” to be on Red Flava. Many mixed models are overseas and not based in China.

        • Bennie

          Out of curiosity I checked some other Asian model sites to see if I could find any other half mixed Chinese models working in China and I couldn’t find any. When things are strange or too common (especially among entertainers) I tend to think its probably not a coincidence. If you think about it saying your quarter mixed (whether you really are or not) is the perfect percentage. If you were less mixed, say 1/8 or 1/16 it would hardly be worth mentioning and if you were more mixed, say half and half you might be viewed as too exotic or not Asian enough.

        • Bennie

          I think its definitely possible that a model might lie and say their quarter mixed just to boost their appeal or to explain away the effects of plastic surgery.

        • Nia

          That could be a possibility, since some models do lie about their age. But I don’t think all of them would tell a lie like that. So when they say they’re a quarter mixed, I do tend to believe them.

        • Bennie

          I’m not saying I think their lying about being mixed. If anything I think they are all probably mixed to some degree, its the percentage I’m not so sure about. For example, Lin Xiao Nuo, Yuan Ying Fen and Zheng Yi Fei look more mixed than just a quarter while Shi Yi Ke, Lan Yan and Winnie look less mixed, say 1/8. Then again who nothings. They have all had plastic surgery and all their pictures are photoshopped so its hard to tell.

        • Bennie


        • Nia

          Yes, most photos were photoshopped. But I wouldn’t say they all had plastic surgery, haha.

        • Bennie

          Zheng Yi Fei is the only women of the list I would think was completely natural. From the two videos I have seen of her I would say she uses a combination of makeup techniques to achieve her look. As for the other women, they all look like they have had varying degrees of plastic surgery. I have seen Lan Yan, Lin Xiao Nuo, Angelababy and Winnie in videos and they all have very distinct Eurasian features; very slim jawlines, near perfectly oval faces, high Caucasian-like noses. If these features were unique to these (mixed) models than I would believe they were natural but nearly EVERY Chinese model I have seen on this site (and other sites) has them. To be honest when I first started checking out Redflava I actually thought all the Chinese models were mixed because they looked so different from the natural Chinese girls I met.

        • Nia

          I agree. But when you check all the girls in the street in China, you would probably only see 1 or 2 girls out of 10 who wear makeup. Photoshop also changes everything, Wang Jia Yun is a very good example of that.

        • Bennie

          I completely agree with you. I know photoshop can completely change a person, so can makeup. For that reason I always try to find videos of the girls I’m interested in. In a video a girl can’t augment herself Iike she could with photoshop and the effects of makeup can be seen much more clearly than in a photo. If a model has the same Eurasian features in videos as she does in photos than that can only mean one of two things; either her features are natural or they were enhanced with plastic surgery. Given the fact typical Chinese models (facially) look nothing like typical Chinese women I would say it’s the models who have enhanced themselves and the majority of them use more than just photoshop and makeup.

        • Bennie

          I don’t say any of this to sound negative about models getting plastic surgery. If a women isn’t happy with how she looks I thinks its better she change it than sit around feeling insecure. When it comes to famous people having plastic surgery I find most people tend to be in denial about it.

        • Nia

          I see, and I agree with you. :)

    • CoreLegend

      Dude, high nasal bones and fine jawlines are not exclusively Caucasoid features. Deep eye sockets, high nasal bones, prominent jaws, and chiseled features were prevalent in proto-Mongoloids as demonstrated by the modern Plains Indians and Japanese Ainu. For a time, they were distinguished from the greater Eurasian populations by haplogroups alone. Recent microevolutionary processes in East Asia from the Neolithic to the present day resulted in the highly paedomorphosised features of the Far East as well as the notorious “epicanthic fold” but these phenomena are seldom one-way streets; many intermediate phenotypes were deposited into the East Asian gene pool and are still expressed atavistically at varying frequencies (particularly in the Northeastern Chinese). In many ways, East Asian features have been evolving the longest (you will notice that since the Upper Palaeolithic Cro-Magnon, Europoid craniofacial traits have remained relatively unchanged).

      Interestingly, these processes have endowed East Asian females with some of the finest facial topology of any major population; their soft, subtle mandibular angles are a salient example, as is the near-absence of cranial brow formation, the naturally small, delicate chin, and the high, rounded orbits. Their cheekbones being higher as a consequence of inherent Mongoloid features is rather serendipitous. And while their noses are slightly broader than the West Eurasian average, you’ll notice that not only is the overall volume of the nose less, but there is almost never any visible cartilage under the tip, and the neotenic nature of their noses often gives them that cute, coveted “retrousse” that artists at Pixar and Marvel would kill for (full disclosure: I’m a digital sculptor/painter myself). Their faces are usually less angular and androgynous than the typical Northern European’s and their jaws smaller and slenderer, even with the occasional distinct, tapered chin sympathetic to Japanese cartoons (unless, of course, they are afflicted with a muscle condition called masseter hypertrophy). Nasal height, chin protrusion, and eye socket depth vary just as broadly in East Asians as they do in Europeans, only the averages are much lower in East Asians. I would be forlorn if a whole 20% of the human race was disposed to look exactly the same, wouldn’t you…?

      So why don’t you take another look at that photograph, without the daffy influence of cultural insularity, and tell us EXACTLY what about the subject looks “mixed,” when in fact, the most redeeming qualities of her otherwise average-looking physiognomy are the very things inherent only to East Asian faces?

  3. Rathanor

    I vote for a new feature in Redflava called forums. Haha

  4. San

    Nia, you know? I have to routinely, in the morning, check this blog out before start working 555. That ‘s funny, I feel like a young boy. Your blog significantly makes my day :)

  5. Anonymous


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