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8 Apr ’13

Jin Mei Xin – Nude Promo Shoot

Several recent sets from hot model Jin Mei Xin 金美辛 in this article; hopefully we’ll get more photos from Jin Mei Xin soon.

Download the full set below!

Download Mirror 1 (Free Pictures of Asian Models)
(2.71 MB, 27 pictures)
(This post contains only a selection of the set, the full set is in this zip file, in their original size.) Click Skip Ad at the top right to get to the download.

Download Mirror 2 | Download Mirror 3

Jin Mei Xin’s Red Flava links: Articles Profile

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  1. jam


    so hot!!!!!!!!!

  2. novato

    Beautiful very very very

  3. Phae

    My absolute favorite! JMX is the best!

  4. Tony

    Uggg. Ugly. Awful. How is she a model? That’s a monster. There are so many beautiful and natural models in China. Why the heck they keep using those plastic

    • Bennie

      You sound like a HATER to me. No matter how you look at it ALL models are “augmented” in some way whether it be with lighting tricks, camera tricks, photoshop, make-up or plastic surgery. JMX is a beautiful girl, if she wasn’t she wouldn’t be so popular.

    • Vincent

      How can you even tell somebody is “Monster”!!! what kind of person are you? You are such a MORON. And she is beautiful !! please go away hater and kill yourself!

    • Darshan

      WTF do you mean by saying her monster?

    • Daniel

      Next time wear glasses

  5. Kent Fish

    Among Chinese Sexy Girl, Jin Mei Xin is my top list. Indeed, i am collecting her videos to create some sexy animated gif. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Darshan

    Ahaha I like her ;)

  7. Contact

    Were are the nudes

  8. Anonymous

    Someone has no taste in women.

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