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29 Apr ’12

Redflava In Need of Support

You may have noticed Redflava has been both unavailable and slow recently. This is due to an increase in traffic visiting Redflava. We were on a Shared Hosting plan which was reasonably cheap but now we’ve been forced onto a VPS, which is $100 a month.

The advertisements on the site only generate around $50 a month, and even then I’m not a fan myself of having ads on Redflava at all. But we put a lot of time into sourcing/uploading/writing the posts and now it seems impossible for us to continue working so much and making a loss.

Essentially this means we will have to stop working on Redflava in 2 months (the end of July 2012), if we continue to make a loss.

However if you want to help support us, and keep us online instead, you can do any of the following:

Tell more people about us via Facebook, etc : More visitors = more ad revenue.

Donate Directly to us via Paypal : Linked here, however, Paypal takes a percentage cut and a conversion cut.


Essentially we only need 10 donations of $5 per month to keep going. And we currently have 12,000 visitors a day. If we get any more donations, we will take down the advertisements on the site, expand the articles or close down donation.

Thanks for taking the time to read. We do enjoy doing this website, so we hope we can continue to work on it and keep improving it.

Hermione *Nia* Lu & Flavile *Flava* Mazielle

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Written by: Nia

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Nia, Redflava Writer.


  1. lee

    I’m sorry to hear that, :( I’ll try my best to help you keep the site.

  2. jake

    this is a great site, please keep up the good work.

  3. nihongimiix

    This is tragic! I’ll head over to the shop and purchase a shirt, and bother my friends to do the same! I’ll also try and make a donation. This site CANNOT be closed down, it’s my most frequented site!! I’ll do my part to try and help you and RedFlava, and I hope other visitors follow suit!

  4. AJ

    I can offer you a free space on my VPS. You can contact me on my email :) Super fan just wanna help.

  5. kevin

    Do you need help getting a cheaper vps? If so, I can help with that. Please tell me how much resource you use every months because paying $100 a month for vps is not worth it. Is the vps managed by you or your provider?

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