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22 Aug ’12

Red Flava Downtime Until 29th August

Unfortunately, Redflava won’t be updating this week. Funding the site is still a problem after moving to a dedicated server; and even with some generous donations I will have to take extra hours at my part-time job this week, so I have enough money to continue running the website.

I’d have hoped that we’d have enough extra visitors to generate more ad revenue which would cover the costs, but even with increasing amounts of visitors (24,000 unique visitors on a peak day last week), ad revenue hasn’t increased.

Maybe it’s a problem with the current adverts we have, which we can change, so any advice in the comments would be welcome. I’d love to have Google ads, but they’ve banned us twice now with the reason that our site contains mature content. I think it’s because we feature Japanese models who have more sexual images. Because of this we had to resort to more mature ad networks since the other alternatives to Google have a similar usage policy for mature content.

We could remove all our content on Japanese models, and reapply for Google ads, but I know a lot of our viewers come for the Japanese models. Plus it wouldn’t necessarily mean that Google wouldn’t ban our site again, because they’ve already done it before and they seem to find any reason to ban people when they owe them the first payment (with the last two combined times Google were supposed to finally pay us, but they banned us, with $600 unpaid to us, and supposedly gave the money back to their advertisers…).

Any more donations are welcome to help us keep online longer so we can find a solution to the ad revenue. You can go to this link ( to donate to us. If I can’t find a solution and have to keep working full-time, I’ll have no time to update the site and I’ll have to close it.

Thanks to all the viewers who’ve supported us, and thank you for any ideas for a solution to our problem.

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Written by: Nia

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Nia, Redflava Writer.


  1. ui

    oh nooooooooooooooooo :( this is sad

  2. XxXSomeoneSXxX

    Maybe tou could try the suggestion about removing J-models and reapply for Google ads.

    • Sandy

      Removing Japanese models? Are you nuts. They are the source for most traffic.they are the most good-looking and natural of all, although not all of them are. No plastic surgery like Koreans, or big heads with contact lenses like most Chinese.

  3. Daniel

    Oh dear
    I am a regular user of this web for such a long time.
    but i ve never donated to ur sorry. tell me ur acc no!

  4. david

    you could try also, posting on reddit to reach out to their community. I’ve seen reddit accomplish good things.

  5. Tim

    Ads are an unreliable way to earn revenue. Everything is based on clicks, not views, which is kind of useless.

    Ideally, it would be nice to see folks donate to keep the site going. Perhaps a more prominent place for donating on the main page? Developing a site community where there’s an attitude of support? Reward donations with posts about who donated?

    Something like a Kickstarter campaign might help raise some capital.

    Maybe you could find a way to sell merchandise. Support us by buying our photobooks or t-shirts? Just don’t sell t-shirts that suck. lol

    If you’re using legitimate content, and gain enough unique viewers, larger companies may partner with you.

    It’s a good site. Hope to see it continue.

    • Nia

      Yeah pay for click ads aren’t great, but they are even better than what we have which is mostly pay for subscribe/purchases ads.

      The good pay for impression ads are the best ones, but only Google seems to offer a decent rate on these. I think we’d do very well with this type of ad, since we have a lot of views per visitor.

      The problem with our ads is that many of our visitors are regulars and they aren’t going to keep clicking the subscribe type ads. So the pool of people that are likely to provide revenue through our ads is low, even though we have a high amount of visitors and pageviews.

      I don’t really want to keep relying on donations, I’d rather ads keep the site afloat, even though a high portion of visitors have adblocker now. Donations suit something more like a specific online service or something like a webcomic.

      Merchandise is a great way to create revenue but if you don’t make it yourself and it’s not super amazing, then the profit is very low. We had some merchandise before and sold a few, but the cut from the companies that provide the service is so low. To be worthwhile you’d have to create the merchanise, deal with orders and mail the stuff to customers yourself. Which is something I don’t have time to organise at all.

      Nearly all our content is user-submitted, there’s a few popular articles we created ourselves, but they require so much work to spread online to get people to even view them. Plus a lot of viewers who read articles are put off by the photo-blog nature of our site. It seems it’s difficult to be both a magazine article site and a photoblog at the same time, without having a massive media corporation behind you.

      Thanks for the suggestions, I might try Kickstarter, but I think that suits more of a service type of website, ours is basically appreciation of asian beauty and so might not get much help. Unless we provide some specific service like dating/model agency/platform for amateur models etc.

  6. Gil62

    Japanese models, I know where to find and I have a full hard drive, but I’m glad I found this site for South Korean and Chinese because I had more difficulty and found photos deep down I’ve always preferred the South Korean to Japanese.

    • Tommy

      South Korean? Well, some people have very f-ed up preferences. They have the ugliest bodies and faces and facial expressions. They all do the same shitty faces. Japanese girls are the masters in the field. Suck it up. Then Chinese models, who are doing a very very good job and have very unique photo-shoots. Unlike Koreans, who need to pose in rain stuff and next to cars all the time, and when they do something that is not one of those, they have the stupidest faces.
      I wish this guy, Nia, doesn’t delete this comment. “He” tends to delete everything that is negative to Koreans and leave everything that is negative to Japanese girls.

  7. donald

    I don’t wish this website will enclosed quickly,but if closed I want this website can appear anytime.(although don’t updated ). Please,because this website can be the best source.

  8. Isaaf

    please don’t do that. Your website is so amazing and i can’t live without this site.

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