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30 Aug ’12

Red Flava Continuation 30th August

The good news is that I now have some more funds from working more this last week and some generous donations. So I will run the site for this next month and see if the following solutions might help.

The first solution is to simply look for more affiliates who are willing to buy ad space, whilst keeping the same content on the website, which means Japanese models will stay. I think if I reapplied for Google ads, they’d just ban us again.

The second solution is I will look at Amazon Cloud services in reducing load, and then possibly move hosting when I have the images hosted somewhere else. Nearly all the Redflava server problems come from hosting images on our own site.

I’m also interested to know what kind of content the readers of Redflava enjoy the most; Chinese, Korean or Japanese models. And also if you appreciate any other articles on weird/interesting stuff from Asia. I’d like the content on Redflava to be a bit more broad but basically still focus on Asian beauties.

Lastly please help spread the word about Redflava to others you might know who like Asian models. I know it is difficult to share a blog post of a sexy girl on your Facebook, etc, but telling others about Redflava helps the website grow and stay online. The site needs quality backlinks as well; so if you have any hosting, we’d be grateful that you link to our site or post about the site on your blog.

Thanks again to those who donated and everyone who supports Redflava.


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Written by: Nia

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Nia, Redflava Writer.


  1. kojv

    both im ji hye and lee ji woo are sooooooooooooooooo cute hot and sexy

  2. mkkk

    YAY you make me very happy

  3. vax

    I am not sure if you know russian but in this post guys are offering free hosting for interesting projects. maybe you should contact them.

  4. david

    korean girls fsure

  5. B

    Japanese girls, aya kiguchi!

  6. Tim

    I think it’s cool that you showcase a wide variety of beauty from around Asia. It doesn’t matter where they’re from, beauty is beauty. You can throw in girls from Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, whatever. Although, you don’t want to find yourself getting too spread out with content either. Find your niche and own it.

    Other articles are cool too. The more interesting things to see/read, the more time people spend here. And while people often feel uncomfortable sharing hot girls on Facebook or something, they will share articles about other things which would drive people to the site. Just look at Playboy – so much more than gorgeous women.

  7. David

    i actually didnt think chinese girls were that hot till i came here, but now thats what i come here for! really appreciate the hard work and effort u put into this site. cheers bro!

  8. Micky

    More random internet girls!

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