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2 Sep ’12

Red Flava Changes 2nd September

So we decided on a couple of changes to Redflava.

First, we’ve decided to share a zip file in each new post, so you can download all the images (in their original size) in the post without having to click each photo. In the zip file box, it tells you the number of photos available for download.

We are testing removing the gallery access on the site, and maybe introducing it later with different features. The galleries were using up too many resources, which was why our site was very slow sometimes. Instead of the gallery, we will periodically share the full set of images from popular models in a post, again in a zip file, so it is easy to download. Eventually all the images in the gallery will be downloadable through zip files when I have the chance to sort through them all, and a page on the site will give access to them all.

We also tried to enable Cloudflare on the site to improve performance and reduce server costs, but the site stopped working. We will try again on a quiet day and hopefully get it to work properly. I will try to optimize the site some more when I have the chance

Something for the future that we’re designing is a VIP section, where there will be some extra content for members. Everyone who has made a donation to help support our site will get automatic membership. We haven’t totally decided on exactly what will be in the VIP section, but perhaps some special functions and extra content.

Lastly we changed our home page back to magazine style with four posts on the front page; from now on we’ll update four posts a day, but larger ones than before.

Any comments are very welcome! We are interested in your opinions on the changes, and if you have any other recommendations you’d like to see on redflava.

Thanks again for all the support! ^_^

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Written by: Nia

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Nia, Redflava Writer.


  1. jake

    another hot babe there :D

  2. Trendy

    Probably this is a good strategy. However, I am regret to inform you that people from Malaysia are barred from visiting deposit files websites. Therefore, I would suggest you keep your zip file in another file sharing website, eg. filepost, etc…

    • Nia

      Thanks very much for telling us. :) I’ll make an alternative download link from now on.

    • Nia

      Hi, I’m wondering if any of the following sites are barred too in your country: TurboBit, ShareFlare, BitShare and 1oupload. We’re now trying to provide more download mirrors. We’d appreciate it if you’d let us know.

  3. Pikachu

    But what about the smartphone users? It used to be easy for us to save The pictures we want but now we can only save the ones that are posted (not those that are in the zipped folder)

    • Nia

      You’re right, but all the best pictures will be included in the post. The zip file simply contains most of the pictures we don’t normally put up.

      A photoshoot usually consists of around 100 images, of which maybe 30 are released; out of those 30, I usually pick 5 to 15 for the post. The zip file will contain all the photos there are I can get (around 30 to 100). And these photos are in their original size, which isn’t sensible for us to host so many.

      I really hope we won’t need to reduce the number and content of our blog posts; at the moment we’re trying our best to provide zip files for those who requested this feature and also wanted original sized photos. This way it deters botting of images on the site. Maybe in the future we can come up with a better solution. We’re sorry about this anyway.

      • Pikachu

        Haha it’s ok. I know it is really difficult to satisfy everyone. We really appreciate it that you continue to post everyday without fail. :)

      • Pikachu

        Another thing about using deposit files and the other mirror, it either says the download is unavailable or Connection limit has been exhausted for your IP address. In the end I can only view the pictures that are in the post itself.

        • Nia

          I think it only allows you to download an unlimited amount if you sign up, otherwise it is limited and you need to wait a bit for the next download (15 minutes or so).

  4. Wala

    I like the previous interface better since I do not need to scroll down a lot. It would be great if we can download your archive photos from gallery (which is not working now btw).
    But no complain here.. Live long…

    • Nia

      We are working on the archive photos from our gallery now. The zip files will be available for download in the future. :)

    • Flava

      In regard to the interface, both styles have their benefits and disadvantages I think.

      Like you said, this front page style needs more scrolling to navigate the new posts, and I like the old style too even though it had smaller images. But we thought we’d try this style of front page again because of the bigger images that catch your eye, and the better placement of a sidebar.

      Some people requested this type of style, but then I knew if we changed it, others would prefer the old one. :S

  5. NOM

    Dear Nia, I’m a Fan Of redflava for a Long time…. I always check your site every night and love your collections of asian models ..I Download Photos Every night… I like the way you change your site but it’s getting a little problem with our connection.. I Live in a Country which gets a really slow connection.. I Can’t download the zip files and every time i try to download I got an alarm “Your IP Got Exhausted”. This is very sad for me to see the photos but can’t download them. If Possible , I Would like to request you that please put the photos from zip files into a gallery like in old style so I Can Download it Later!!! Plz!!!!! I Will always be the fan of Redflava!!! Thanks…………..

    • Nia

      Sorry to hear that. Is it possible for you to sign up those sites so you can download an unlimited amount? Our zip files provide extra photos I don’t usually post. Red Flava Gallery had caused many problems for us in the past, that’s why we had to close it down. We’ll try to figure out a better server solution.

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