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11 Jun ’12

Ryu Ji Hye – KSRC 2012 Round 2

Again we’ve got a few quick event updates to do for today. The first set belongs to adorable and fabulous Ryu Ji Hye 류지혜. The event is Korea Scooter Race Championship (KSRC) Round 2. For Ryu Ji Hye’s KSRC 2012 Round 1 set, simply click the Articles link below. Enjoy! ;)

Ryu Ji Hye’s Red Flava links: Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Articles Profile

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  1. hg

    has ryu ji hye lost weight? she is looking better and better.

  2. pankei

    My favorite photo is the second one
    that cute short hairstyle fits her greatly
    she should keep it for a while haha

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