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10 May ’12

Im Ji Hye – CJ Super Race 2012 R1

Im Ji Hye 임지혜 is among the hottest race queens who have participated in the CJ Super Race 2012 Round 1 event. And look at Im Ji Hye’s unique racing outfit! It’s fabulous and exceptionally sexy; it’s the perfect outfit for Im Ji Hye. We’ll try to get more hot photos of the model in the next few days. :) Meanwhile, enjoy this gorgeous event set!

Im Ji Hye’s Red Flava links: Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Articles Profile

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Written by: Nia
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  1. ving

    wow the second photo blows me away :D

  2. azushee

    yup love the outfit~~~

  3. Blair

    2nd Photo looks suspicious though. Photoshop but oh well.
    She still looks pretty.

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