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25 Jul ’12

Im Ji Hye – CJ Super Race R4 2012

Famous Korean race queen and model Im Ji Hye 임지혜 is not going anywhere; she’s still with us at many of the recent racing events going on in South Korea. After the 2012 Korea Autocamping Show and Seoul Auto Salon 2012, Im Ji Hye has participated once again in CJ Super Race Round 4 together with many other popular Korean race queens. Just a few snapshots of Im Ji Hye here, but stay tuned for more! :D

Im Ji Hye’s Red Flava links: Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Articles Profile

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  1. lei an

    moreeeeeeeee plsss ^__^

  2. SYKE

    She has my RPM’S about to blow a gasket.

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