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27 May ’12

Heo Yun Mi – BIMOS 2012 Korea 2

As mentioned before, BIMOS stands for Busan International Motor Show. The event started on May 24th and will last 11 long days, which means we’ll end up with abundant event snapshots of some of our featured Korean race queens. Heo Yun Mi 허윤미 is among the many race queens who have participated in this year’s BIMOS event. We’ve shared some of the first day snapshots from gorgeous Heo Yun Mi. Here are some more pics of the race queen in the same outfit but with a different hairstyle and accessories. Check her out!

Heo Yun Mi’s Red Flava links: Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Articles Profile

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  1. FUMIO


  2. Kyle

    Heo Yun Mi in that red outfit might just be perfection.

  3. cm goth

    red is for hot ladies

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