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25 May ’12

Choi Byul I – CJ Super Race 2012 R2

Yes, it’s CJ Super Race 2012 Round 2! This is a picture update post for those who like hot race queen Choi Byul I 최별이. With a slightly different hairstyle but in the same blue racing suit, Choi Byul I has attended the second round of CJ Super Race along with other familiar faces at this popular Korean racing event. Gorgeous Choi Byul I is posing at different locations for the camera here, so why not check her out and let us know what you think of the race queen? ;)

Choi Byul I’s Red Flava links: Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Articles Profile

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  1. C3q3q3q

    choi byul i has a good body :)

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