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31 May ’12

Young Animal Arashi 2012-07-01

Yes, Yuuri Morishita 森下悠里, Aya Kiguchi 木口亜矢 and Rina Akiyama 秋山莉奈 are all back with their fabulous and stunning Young Animal Arashi photos for the July issue of the magazine! :D Especially Rina Akiyama, who seemed to have disappeared for quite a while now! We’re very glad to do this mini update, and we hope you’ll enjoy viewing it too. ;) As for whether Rina Akiyama and Aya Kiguchi will surprise us again with more hot photo shoots or magazine shots in the future, I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned and find out what’s coming next!

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Rina Akiyama’s Red Flava links: Gallery Articles Profile

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  1. asuka

    so lovely to see all three of them ;)

  2. bg

    gorgeous japanese women!!!

  3. K

    Wow so cute babies

  4. aris

    rina akiyama aku cinta padamu

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