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11 Feb ’12

Mai Nishida – Bikini & Lingerie Pics

We’re not done with Mai Nishida’s 西田麻衣 hot photos yet. Here sharing with you some recent magazine shots and pictures of the Japanese idol, which we haven’t posted up before. Let’s look forward to seeing more fabulous photo shoots of Mai Nishida. ;)

More Photos Of Mai Nishida Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

As always, Mai Nishida’s detailed profile and sexy photo collection can be found in this article. If you haven’t bookmarked Mai Nishida’s Red Flava page yet, do it now for more picture updates from the idol in the future. :)

More Photos Of Mai Nishida Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Lefty

    Almost 10/10

  2. ting

    i love your site although i dont comment often. ^_^ Mai Nishida is very cute. she has some of my favorite photos. please keep posting. thank you.

  3. Emperor

    Is it our destiny ,
    that we could only be married in our dreams,
    falling so deep in love,
    fighting for what others believe,
    the best has been brought to my attention,
    I leave you a poem to remember me,
    my heart with an extension,
    I would not fall ,
    or stand still to let you win,
    if we ever cross paths,
    you can give me a big hug and kiss,
    my heart is yours
    Ok, I gave in,

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